Review: Doxy 3R

Since their original model, Doxy has put out a very powerful product. The original Doxy is stronger and arguably better than the original Magic Wand, but they have only improved from there. Most recently, Doxy released a rechargeable version of their latest model, the Doxy 3. The rechargeable version, or Doxy 3R, is nearly identical to its predecessor–without the confines of the nearest outlet. Now you can take the Doxy wand (almost) anywhere with you!


All of the Doxy wands are beautifully designed, but the Doxy 3R is easily the most beautiful wand I own. While the original Doxy was pretty straightforward with a matte color choice, the Die Cast Doxy came in stunning metallic colors like ruby red and royal purple. The Doxy 3 took it a step further and released several versions of the wand in a polished aluminum, candy red, matte black, and my personal favorite, “disco black,” which is a shiny black with multi-colored glitter. The 3R is currently available in a glittery sapphire-blue or a matte black.


The size of the Doxy 3R is the same as the 3, both of which have a smaller head than the versions before it. The head is covered in a metal cap that’s coated in silicone. It doesn’t have the cushion of the original’s bigger, vinyl head but the silicone does make it body-safe and easier to clean–whereas the original Doxy’s head had some issues.

So, does the size of the head matter? Well, it depends on how picky your body is about the vibration distribution. For some people, the larger head of the original two Doxy wands helped avoid issues with overstimulation. If you don’t constantly find yourself going to the highest vibration setting on your toys, this may be worthy of noting. While the vibration strength is the same across the Doxy line (3,000-9,000 RPM), the smaller head means more vibration concentration directly on the clitoris. That being said, if you’re into intense toys like high-frequency vibrators, the smaller head will make it feel more powerful than the larger, padded head of the original.

Doxy Original
Doxy Die Cast
Doxy 3
Doxy 3R
Head Material
Body Material
Aluminum-Titanium Alloy
Aluminum-Titanium Alloy
Aluminum-Titanium Alloy
Vibration Strength
3,000 - 9,000 RPM
3,000 - 9,000 RPM
3,000 - 9,000 RPM
3,000 - 9,000 RPM
Removeable Head
Attachments Available

One thing to note: some users of the Doxy 3/3R have noted that the silicone cap can sometimes come loose during use, which can lead to excessive noise while turned on. I did experience this with one of my Doxy 3 models (I have four of them!), but after sending a short video of the issue to Doxy’s customer service, they sent me a brand new one, as it was still under warranty. I’ve yet to come across the issue again. 


The Doxy’s controls are very straightforward and are the same for all their models. The default mode is a steady vibration that can be adjusted by pressing or holding the (+) and () controls. For those who prefer a pulsing pattern to steady vibration, you can hold down the power button for a moment to enable pulsing. The speed of the pulsing will also increase or decrease with the (+) and () buttons, but that is the only patterned setting on the Doxy wands.

Speaking as someone who will always choose a steady vibration over a pattern, this is a selling point for me. The big, squishy light-up buttons of the Doxy are clear on what they do and you don’t have to go fiddling with 20 patterns and speeds to get to where you need it to be. However, for those who do enjoy having multiple different patterns to cycle through, this is a limitation to be aware of.

Cleaning & Maintenance

The Doxy 3R fully charges in 4 hours, using the USB cable provided. While charging, the power button lights up red. When the red light turns off, you’ll know your Doxy is ready to go. The battery of the Doxy 3 will last over an hour at the highest speed, so you get plenty of time with each charge.

As for cleaning, the silicone head of the Doxy 3R screws off in the same manner as the Doxy 3 for washing and using attachments (not included). Since neither the Doxy 3, nor the rechargeable 3R, are waterproof, it’s important that you screw off the head to clean it each time, instead of washing the head while it’s still attached to the body of the wand.

Because the head and its attachments are made of silicone, they’re super easy to clean with just soap and water. If you’re going from anal (yup, there’s an anal attachment sold separately!) to vaginal use or sharing the wand with partners, the silicone head can be sanitized by boiling, soaking in a bleach solution, or by putting them on the top rack of a dishwasher. For full cleaning instructions for sex toys, check out my cleaning, maintenance, and storage guide.

Speaking of storage, the Doxy 3R comes in some rather interesting packaging. Within the narrow box that the Doxy 3R comes in is an aluminum cylinder that unscrews in two places. At the bottom of the tube, there is a separate compartment where the included USB charging cord is stored. The actual wand is stored in the upper portion of the tube, where the top piece unscrews. The aluminum case is a sturdy storage solution that also allows for easy, semi-discreet travel. The top of the cylinder is branded with a “D” for Doxy and the bottom has a small product sticker that can be removed but otherwise, it’s a pretty discreet storage solution that wouldn’t scream, “SEX TOY!” if someone were to come across it.

The Doxy 3R also has a travel lock feature to avoid having the wand turn on while it’s in your luggage. Simply hold the power button and the (-) button at the same time for 4 seconds. A red light will flash on the power button to indicate the travel lock has been turned on. In this mode, the wand will not turn on by pressing the power button. To resume regular mode, hold the power and (-) buttons again for 4 seconds. The power button will flash green to show it’s unlocked.


The Doxy 3R is, without a doubt, my new favorite rechargeable wand. In my review of the original models of the Doxy and Magic Wand, I ranked the Doxy’s powerful vibrations and simplistic controls over the popular Magic Wand Original. While vibration strength and controls have stayed consistent in the Doxy line, the more compact metal body of the 3/3R is an improvement well worth the investment so long as you don’t prefer the large head on the original or die cast Doxy wand. 

Making the Doxy 3 a rechargeable wand was a great decision, although it could have been even better with a waterproof design. Though, keep in mind, even the Magic Wand Rechargeable isn’t waterproof. Magic Wand and Doxy are the most popular vibrator wand brands due to their extreme power. While some small or mid-size rechargeable wands are waterproof, there isn’t currently a waterproof model with the same vibration strength as the Doxy line. Because of this, I can’t really fault the Doxy 3R for this limitation. I don’t personally use toys while bathing enough to be upset over it, but if you tend to do so, be aware that the Doxy 3R isn’t safe for use in water.

If you prefer or don’t mind the smaller head of the Doxy 3 and are looking for a wand that is portable, powerful, and beautiful, the Doxy 3R delivers on all three. The Doxy 3R’s strong metal body, removable silicone head, simple controls, and intensely powerful vibrations place it in the top 5 toys in my entire collection. I’m crossing my fingers that one day all you shower-masturbators get the waterproof Doxy of your dreams. Either way, I’m quite satisfied with all the 3R offers.

The Doxy 3R was sent to me by Kiss Kiss in exchange for my unbiased review.
As always, all writing and opinions are my own.

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