Review: Tantus Duchess

Once upon a time, Tantus made a toy called the Duke, and it was amazing. It was 6.5″ inches long with a 1.6″ shaft and a nice, big 1.8″ head. Then something incredible happened…Tantus upgraded it to join the O2 dual-density line, and the Duchess was born!

The image of the Duke lives on with the new Duchess. She is the exact same shape and size as the original model, but her structure is much, much more enjoyable. While the Duke is a solid choice–pure, smooth, 100% body-safe silicone, the Duchess adds an extra layer of luxury–literally! She has a firm inner core and a plush, super-soft outer layer that is so much more comfortable than her predecessor.

The shape of the Duke/Duchess is great for those more experienced with penetration. While their 1.6″ shaft-diameter is a comfortable moderate size, some may find the 1.8″-diameter head to be a little challenging, especially for anal use. However, those who can accommodate the size are in for some serious G-spot/P-spot stimulation. The head of the Duchess is especially soft and squishy and hits those special areas just right for big, intense orgasms!

Both models are safe to be used vaginally or anally, due to the flared base, and are harness compatible for strap-on play or pegging. They are both classified as vibrators due to the specially-designed hole in the base, which can accommodate the included vibrating bullet or a suction cup attachment (non-vibrating and sold separately).

Maintenance is a breeze, like most Tantus toys, due to the non-porous and antibacterial properties of Tantus’s high-quality silicone. Simply give the toy a light scrub with antibacterial soap for solo-use, or sanitize in the dishwasher, a 5-10% bleach solution, or by boiling for five minutes for shared toys or if going from anal to vaginal use. (Just mind the little bit of texture at the base of the head, as fluids can get trapped there while in use.)

All in all, Duke and Duchess both offer some amazing qualities. For those looking for a cheaper, more basic vibrator, that will fill them up and deliver intense G or P-spot stimulation, the Duke is your guy. However, if you’re looking to upgrade into true luxury status with the O2 dual-density, the Duchess is the tool for the job! Either way, you’re sure to feel like royalty and have a happily ever after.

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