Review: Blush Exposed Nocturnal

Blush Novelties has been upping their game lately, and the Exposed Nocturnal is just one of the many body-safe options that Blush now offers that is actually super affordable. Bullet vibrators are widely available at a low price point, but finding one that’s both inexpensive and good is another story. For a long time, the big name in bullet vibes was the We Vibe Tango, but the Exposed Nocturnal is a fierce competitor at a fraction of the cost.


Vibrators shaped like lipsticks aren’t a new design, and the pink/purple color options don’t impress this femme as much as some “outside the box” colors would, but the simple design isn’t bad. It begs the question, “Does anyone really need three different shades of pink for the same toy model?” but I get the vibe (pun intended) they’re going for here with the sleek, simple look of a lipstick. Still, considering that this bullet had potential to be a great match for my transgender boyfriend, the color options really limit the audience of this versatile toy by branding it as a strictly “feminine” vibrator.

The toy itself really is quite simple. It’s made of ABS plastic, four inches long with a slanted tip, and has two control buttons on the base. Sure, ABS plastic isn’t the same safety rating as silicone, but for a toy that will almost definitely be an external toy for most users, it’s not really necessary that it be silicone. ABS plastic is still safe for solo use with soap and water washing in between uses. It doesn’t require condoms or any special cleaning methods. I would not recommend using the Exposed Nocturnal anally at all, as it’s unsafe for insertion and isn’t able to be sanitized to go from anal to vaginal use. However, for the purpose of using it as a clitoral vibe only, it’s perfectly safe.


The Exposed Nocturnal comes with a non-optional travel lock, which can be convenient or annoying, depending on how you view it. You have to hold down the (+) button on the base for three seconds to turn it on, which doesn’t seem like much but can be an annoyingly long time to wait if you’re frantically trying to stimulate yourself in a hurry. If you’re a patient person, you might find the travel lock more useful for when you’re packing this toy in your bag or suitcase. Unfortunately, the three-second delay happens when turning the vibe off, as well.

The bullet is rechargeable and doesn’t require batteries. The included USB charging cord attaches to the base of the toy with a magnet. Because of the magnetic connection, the Exposed Nocturnal is entirely waterproof, so you can bring it into the shower, tub, or pool with you. The magnet connection is a little finicky and may require a carefully selected charging location out of the way of things that may knock it off, but it’s a really nice feature when compared to toys that require batteries (especially those hard to find watch batteries, ugh) or with charging ports that make them unsafe to get wet.


Turning the Exposed Nocturnal on starts it on the lowest of five steady settings–after that, it cycles through five patterned settings. I’m a vocal fan of steady-only settings, but in the case of toys like this, where I don’t have to cycle through the patterns to get to the highest steady setting, I’m unbothered. I do really enjoy the two buttons as opposed to one. If you accidentally go too high too quickly, you can easily track back to a lower setting. You can also shut the toy off by holding the (-) button without having to cycle through all the settings again like some toys with only one button.

The strength of the vibrations are very powerful for such a compact toy. For years, the We Vibe Tango dominated the bullet market by being the most powerful of its kind, but it came with a hefty price tag. For a very reasonable price, the Exposed Nocturnal is impressing Tango users by reaching similar intensity levels.

Speaking as someone who primarily uses heavy wand vibrators with large motors, the Exposed Nocturnal really impressed me. I was able to orgasm within ten minutes the first time I tried using it, which is completely unheard of with other bullets. The strong vibrations are incredible for its size, making this the perfect toy to bring on trips where space in my bag is limited.

The downside, however, to having those intense vibrations is that holding it for long periods of time can numb my fingers a little bit. I prefer to get myself worked up before attempting to use the Exposed Nocturnal so I can quickly reach orgasm and avoid using it for long periods of time.


The Exposed Nocturnal is an incredible powerhouse for its size and price. You simply can’t beat what it offers as a bullet. While it’s not going to fairly compare to sizeable wands with motors five times its size, the fact that I was able to get off from it (and I’m a total power queen, addicted to my Doxy 3) is a testament to how impressive it really is.

If you’re looking for a small, inexpensive, simple toy that isn’t a weak disappointment, the Exposed Nocturnal is a sure choice. It’s perfect for beginners and experienced sex toy users alike, and its price makes it more accessible to anyone without the budget to spring for the best of the best. It compares very easily to the power of even some luxury lines of toys, and offers a powerful experience that can please almost anyone.

The Exposed Nocturnal was provided by Peepshow Toys in exchange for my honest review.

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