Review: Fun Factory Laya 2

The Laya 2 is a “lay on” vibrator by Fun Factory. I was intrigued by this toy because I own so few Fun Factory toys, but I really like the technology they use. Their Stronic Real turned out to be my absolute favorite vibrator so I wanted to give this very different vibrator model a shot.


The Laya 2 is advertised as a “lay-on” vibrator. For some reason, my mind became fixated on that idea and kept trying to test this toy on my back, laying the toy on my vuvla and trying to find the right position where it would actually feel good. I don’t normally masturbate on my back but I wanted to test this product the way it was intended to be used. After several frustrating attempts of trying to use it to warm me up by hand and then getting it in place to do the work, I gave up.

Just because Laya 2 is “meant” to be used as a lay-on toy doesn’t mean I have to, though. Sex toys don’t work the same for all bodies and mine certainly wasn’t having it with this model. I am an upright masturbator, one who normally orgasms while riding toys or using lots of pressure. The idea of a “lay-on” toy seemed comical to me because that’s not how my body responds to stimulation. I need intensity, pressure, and friction. Instead of trying over and over to use the Laya 2 on my back, I gave it a shot as a rideable toy.

This was absolutely the correct decision for me. As soon as I thought to position the Laya 2 in place on my vulva as intended but then ride it instead of simply lying back, I felt incredibly better about this product. I felt strong vibration when I pressed it against me but couldn’t feel them while it was simply laying on my vulva. However, riding it felt incredible with my body weight pressing down on it. With the help of my Liberator toy mount (a pillow or two will also do), I quickly achieved orgasm. From then on, that became the only way I used this toy.


Laya 2 has four intensities and six “rhythms.” The patterns include various speeds of pulsing, as well as some wave-patterns. Personally, I never touch these because I prefer steady vibrations, but I did cycle through them following their instructional guide and they’re all accurate and strong.


Laya 2 is rechargeable with Fun Factory’s classic Click N’ Charge magnetic charger (included). It fully charges in less than six hours and has light indicators to show you how charged the battery is when the charger is attached.

Because of the magnetic charger, the toy is completely waterproof–meaning you can take it in the shower, bath, or pool with you for some added fun.

Laya 2 also comes with a built-in travel lock. To unlock, simply hold the (FUN) and (+) buttons for about a second and the toy will vibrate to indicate it is good to go. To lock it again for traveling, hold the (FUN) and (-) buttons for a second.

The toy is mostly made of silicone, which is a body-safe sex toy material that can be used with water-based lubes and sanitized by soaking in a 10% bleach solution. However, a small portion of the toy is made up of ABS plastic. This type of plastic is still non-porous but does not sanitize like silicone does, so be careful when sharing this toy with non-fluid-bonded partners. I can’t figure out why Fun Factory chose to use plastic in this particular spot on the toy and I don’t see any real benefits of doing so, but I’m unsure if there’s a solid reasoning for it.


I didn’t like the Laya 2 for its intended use. I found that using it as a “lay-on” toy just didn’t give me the pressure and intensity I needed to orgasm. However, I found that it made an amazing rideable toy. There is also a lot of potential for the Laya 2 to be used with couples but, again, that’s not my usual preference for toys. I can say, however, that Laya 2 is a well-made toy that has strong vibrations, varied patterns, and can be used in a variety of ways if you think outside the box a bit.


The Laya 2 was provided to me by SheVibe in exchange for my honest opinion.

xx SF

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  1. Thanks for reviewing this toy. For me, Laya 2 was great. I’m sorry it didin’t work for you but I really liked it. That shows just how much we differ as women.

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