Review: Tantus Vibrating Super Soft C-Ring

Tantus has a new creation in their line of cock rings, the Vibrating Super Soft C-Ring! A cross between the original Vibrating C-Ring and their newer Super Soft C-Ring, this model has the best of both worlds!

The material is–as the name suggests–super soft! Made of 100% premium silicone with a satin finish, this toy maintains the highest safety standards with soft, plushy comfort. Add in the fact that the included bullet is also waterproof, it has great functionality as well! It’s lightweight, super beginner-friendly, comfortable, and versatile. What more could you ask for?

New to the world of cock rings? No worries! This one is super stretchy and made for beginners so there’s nothing difficult or confusing about it. You can even put this model on while erect, so there’s no need to prepare before sex to use it.

Tantus even includes a little guide on how to use cock rings for beginners!

This model is my first experience with cock rings and I was really pleasantly surprised at the difference it made. My partner’s erection was much harder and lasted longer than usual during sex. While Tantus states that their cock rings slow orgasm by about 40 seconds, my experience seemed to be closer to a minute or so, but they may or may not be typical for most users. Either way, I think it’s a great way for partners to experience extended sex sessions.

The bullet can be worn under the testicles of the wearer, as to stimulate the perineum, or the other way around to tease the other partner. Tantus claims their vibrating c-rings are great for anal sex, but I found the playful buzzing on my clit during PIV (penis-in-vagina) sex to be a delightful bonus. My only complaint in this area is that the bullet is quite difficult to turn on and off, though that does make it a good toy to travel with to avoid accidental buzzing in your bag!

As it is waterproof, you can even take this fun little toy into the shower, tub, or pool with you without having to worry about the bullet getting wet. It has a water-tight seal to avoid leaks so you can be sure it will keep on working, even in the water.

For those looking for a beginner-friendly cock ring, I would absolutely recommend the Vibrating Super Soft C-Ring. For those who aren’t a fan of vibration during sex, the standard Super Soft C-Ring is a fantastic alternative option, and a super cheap investment!

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