Review: Tantus Uncut #1

I’ve been working with sex toy companies for a little over seven years now, and I own more toys than anyone should ever need. I’ve never put much thought into the look of my toys because I have a huge range of colors, sizes, and shapes that I thought covered all bases. However, recently I realized that all of my more realistic-looking toys have one thing in common: they’re all circumcised.

In the United States, circumcision is very much the norm among people with penises despite there being very little (if any) credible scientific research to show a benefit of the procedure. However, there is still a very real stigma against uncircumcised penises that leads to body image concerns in perfectly normal and healthy individuals. In fact, circumcision is done so frequently without question in this country that it’s rather difficult to find sexual media or toys depicting anything but a circumcised penis.

Tantus to the rescue!

Not only did Tantus release two new uncircumcised dildos, but they are the most realistic toys I’ve yet to see on the market. I could not possibly be happier with mine!

The Uncut #1 is the bigger of the two uncut options, measuring 1.75″ in diameter and 7.45″ in length. (Uncut #2 is just a tad smaller, at 1.6″ in diameter and an insertable length of 6.4″.) Obviously, this is no beginner’s dildo, but it sure as hell aims to please those experienced with larger toys.

The material of the Uncut is absolutely fabulous. Like the rest of the O2 Line, it’s made with dual-density, body-safe silicone (this means that while the core of the toy is made of firm silicone, the outer layer is soft and super comfortable). This silicone is 100% safe to use, non-porous, and easy to clean.

The Uncut #1 can be cleaned with soap and water for solo use, though sterilizing by boiling for five minutes is recommended if sharing with partners or going from anal to vaginal use.

The look of the Uncut is also incredible compared to traditional dildos–and even older models of the O2 line. It features hyper-realistic textures including foreskin, subtle veins, and wrinkles that you can really feel during use. It’s also available in three different skin tones (cream, mocha, and cocoa).

Combined with the plush feel of the silicone, this toy is remarkably realistic to an uncircumcised penis. So much so, in fact, that I highly recommend this (or the #2 model) for those who also want something to practice their oral skills on. Because this toy is so life-like in look and feel, you may find yourself really enjoying the idea of practicing on something so close to the real thing.

The Uncut #1 is also harness compatible with o-ring style harnesses and can be worn by a partner during sex.

Whether you have an uncircumcised partner or you just really enjoy the natural look of an uncut cock, this toy is an incredible option for people looking for something other than the typical circumcised dildo. It looks great, it feels great, and it’s a smart body-safe choice for anyone.

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