Review: Tantus Silk

Tantus has this amazing set of dildos called Silk, which come in a small, medium, and large size. I wanted to review these specifically for anal training, but they’re also great for beginners to vaginal penetration working up to a typical-sized toy. More on that further on!

The Silk is a very high-quality, basic dildo. It’s made of pure, body-safe silicone, and has a super smooth and sleek texture. There are no bumps, no patterns, and no “realistic” textures. These are simply very smooth dildos.

Now, if you’re used to sex toys and you enjoy texture, this might not be the thing for you. However, if you’re new to using toys, either vaginally or anally, these are fantastic starters and the perfect set for training.

The sizes go up gradually as you get to the next toy in the set, starting from a very small and manageable dildo to one that I would say is a very typical size for most users.


Diameter: 0.8″
Length: 4.25″


Diameter: 1.1″
Length: 5.25″


Diameter: 1.5″
Length: 7″

The beauty of combining this gradually increasing set with its smooth texture is that it’s basically the ideal trainer set for anyone new to anal or vaginal play.

I got a set to use on my boyfriend, who expressed curiosity in anal play, but was very, very new to it, and was concerned about proper sizing. I started him off with a Perfect Plug, which is another great tool for beginners to anal. From there, he was able to say that he did have an interest in anal training, and I got this set for him.

The small was a perfect size for him to begin with. It’s large enough for erotic sensations, while still being small enough to go slowly and painlessly. All we needed was a dab of water-based lubricant, and he quickly warmed up to the small. So much, in fact, that it didn’t take long for him to want to try the medium.

The medium Silk required a little more lubricant, and we had to go a bit slower with this one. Currently, we’re still training with the medium and he uses the small on his own for added pleasure during masturbation.

The large will take time to warm up to, as it is a more “realistic” size. However, the important part of using these for training is the versatility in going up or down in size as we please.

I would also highly recommend these toys to someone who is a virgin or hasn’t had much experience who wants to explore vaginal penetration. For lots of people, beginning to explore vaginal penetration can be difficult due to the sizing of most standard dildos. Some people even have a medical issue with painful penetration due to inflammation in the vaginal walls. With this set, however, people are able to go at their own pace to find a toy size that works for them.

The non-threatening small-sized Silk is perfect for someone who is concerned about penetration being painful as its sleek design and thin girth will make penetration much more enjoyable with just a little bit of lubricant to ease the process.

Like I said, people who love different types of strong textures on their toys will probably be bored of this set. However, for people who like minimal texture or are just starting out with penetration, the Silks are truly magical. Training has never been easier with Tantus!

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