Review: Tantus Perfect Plug & Perfect Plug Plus

Tantus recently came out with their newest creation, deemed simply their “Perfect Plug”. Made of their highest quality silicone and specifically designed for comfort, this plug is nothing less than perfect for beginners.

Silicone is, in my opinion, the best material for anal plugs. The material is completely safe, non-porous, and can be sterilized. Not only does it meet the highest standards for safety, but it is also lightweight and much more comfortable than glass or steel alternatives. This plug is completely flexible and shaped for maximum pleasure, while still being simple enough to fit any user’s expectations.

The base is wide enough for safe anal wear, but curved to fit comfortably between the cheeks. The style of its base is my favorite because while flared circular bases are safe for anal play, they are very noticeably during wear. This base, however, fits so comfortably with any body that there is no irritating rubbing that other styles cause.

I recommend this plug for any beginner to anal, or anyone that is thinking about anal training. With a diameter of 0.75” at its widest point, and a length of 3.5”, it is absolutely perfect for starting out. For those who want to explore anal training, it has an equally perfect big brother, the Tantus Perfect Plug Plus.

The Perfect Plug Plus model has all the same amazing qualities of the original Perfect Plug, but is a bit larger and has a bonus optional vibrating option. The Plus is 1.2” in diameter and is 4” long, making it a great step up from the original. Since the vibrating option comes from an insertable bullet, you may remove it an sterilize it just as you would the original.

When paired together, the Tantus Perfect Plug and the Perfect Plug Plus make, by far, the best anal training team available. They’re available as a kit specifically for this reason!

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