Review: Tantus Adam

The Adam O2 very quickly became one of my most used dildos. For the longest time, I praised Vixskin for having the best-feeling dildos available. However, as soon as I received the Adam O2, I noticed some amazing differences that Vixskin just couldn’t beat.

Like every other silicone creation by Tantus, the Adam O2 is made with only the highest grade body-safe silicone. This means it contains no toxic chemicals, is easy to clean, and is completely sterilizable. However, the O2 collection is unique in that the toys in this line have dual densities.

This means that the toy maintains firm functionality without sacrificing the amazing feel of soft silicone. While Vixskin has a fantastic feel to it, the Adam O2 has a much better density for my tastes. It is much firmer during use, where the Vixskin would sometimes feel like trying to penetrate with a soft penis. Adam stays hard with the life-like feel of soft skin. This toy truly is for those looking for a realistic dildo.

Size-wise, I’d say Adam is a perfect fit for seasoned masturbators. It’s thick enough to feel full without having to use much force or lube. It also has a generous length and a wonderful realistic texture consisting of very subtle veins and a realistic head.

Diameter: 1.5″
Insertable Length: 7″

Because of the flared base, Adam is also safe for anal play and compatible for harness use. Of course, remember to use only water-based lubricant with silicone toys, and to sterilize in one of the following ways before sharing with partners or switching from anal to vaginal use to avoid infection:

  • Boil for five minutes.
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe.
  • Soak in 5% bleach solution.

Additionally, if you’re using the toy for solo vaginal use, you can simply wash in the sink with a gentle, foaming antibacterial soap and warm water.

With a super-safe material, generous size, subtle texture, and an amazingly realistic feel, the Adam O2 is a fantastic choice for those looking for a quality dildo!

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