5 Tips for Moving with a Sex Toy Collection

Moving is one of the most stressful situations we can experience. This can be especially difficult for folks who have a large sex or kink toy collection. No one wants their friends and family poking around in their stuff, but on moving day, they might see more of your belongings than usual. To avoid any embarrassing discoveries, here are some steps you can take to ensure privacy when your entire life is being transported from one place to another.

1) Do a solo trip the night before

On moving day, you might have a number of people helping you move that you’d rather not even risk letting them see or touch your collection. If you have your own vehicle, I suggest packing up all the sex toys, lingerie, and safer sex supplies and moving them to your car the night before. If you have a big moving truck and can afford the trunk space to leave them in your own vehicle while your crew unpacks the rest of your belongings, definitely do that. This idea came in handy when moving my Liberator ramp without having to explain it to family.

Alternatively, if you have the keys to your new home and want to unload your precious cargo the night before to an empty closet somewhere out of the way, that’s a great way to avoid anyone having to carry a big box of dongs into your new home. 

2) Wrap in clothing or bedding

If you don’t have the ability to move your collection on your own, you’re going to want to take some steps to ensure that no one accidentally finds your toys while moving boxes or helping you unpack. Try wrapping your toys in layers of clothes or bedding–things that friends and family would be least likely to go through and unpack for you. Plus, by wrapping toys in soft fabric you’ll be able to keep glass or ceramic toys safe during transport.

3) Power off

If you’re worried about toys turning on while in transit, pack them with a dead charge or without batteries. Some toys have a travel lock feature that will allow you to temporarily make it so pressing the power button doesn’t actually turn the vibrator on, which is great not only for traveling but also moving your collection. If your vibrators aren’t rechargeable and use batteries instead, simply take them out for your move so nothing surprises you by buzzing around somewhere in a pile of boxes.

4. Use your locking luggage

Using locking luggage is probably the easiest way to make sure no one touches your personal belongings. If you own suitcases with travel locks, that’s a great place to store your toys. You can also add a little padlock to duffle bags to make that work in a pinch. If you’re like me and you have a very large collection, you can even fill up a footlocker and put a padlock on there. This way your nosy mother isn’t able to accidentally find your hand-held sex machine while trying to be helpful by unpacking your stuff.

5. Create a labeling system

I’m usually really vague in labeling my boxes for a move, but sometimes you need to know which boxes have things in them that you don’t want others seeing. Whether it’s something like toys, porn, lingerie, or just personal keepsakes you don’t want people looking through, create a labeling system that can flag certain boxes to you without arousing suspicion. Circling the labels on certain boxes or using a red marker for the sensitive boxes can help you ensure that everything is in order and no one is digging through your box of porn DVDs to find something completely unrelated.

Hopefully these tips helped prepare you for making that move without having to stress too much about having your intimate personal belongings messed with. Now you can focus on more important things on moving day. Good luck!

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