Review: B-Vibe Anal Training Kit

I’ve been a fan of B-Vibe since their debut in 2016. Their collection of anal toys continues to grow and improve over the years and each one is nothing short of fantastic. Whether you’re looking for something small to start off with or want all the bells and whistles of their Rimming vibe, there’s something for everyone.

Back in April, the company put out a seven-piece Anal Training Kit that includes three different sized plugs to work up to. Not only that, but the plugs have different features, so you’re able to try out different sensations and figure out what you like best. Let’s unpack what the B-Vibe Anal Training Kit has to offer!

Small Plug

Small plug measurements: Total length: 3.9″, insertable length: 3.4″, width at the widest insertable point: 1″

The key to anal play is going slow and working up to a bigger size. You don’t want to try to dive head-first into the largest plug B-Vibe has to offer unless you’re experienced in anal and understand your body’s limits. The first plug in the Anal Training Kit is suitable for beginners and provides a great starting point. You’re still encouraged to go slowly and use fingers before the first plug to work up to it.

The smallest plug is meant to be an easy introduction to anal play so there aren’t any bells and whistles with this one. Instead, you get a very simple shape in a small size made of super smooth, firm body-safe silicone. The base of the plug is designed to fit between the cheeks without any discomfort.

This toy is a solid starter plug for anyone new to anal or looking to train themselves to go up from there. It’s non-intimidating, body-safe, and is generally just a great basic plug to begin training with.

Medium Plug 

Medium plug measurements: Total length: 5.3″, insertable length: 4.4″, width at the widest insertable point: 1.3″

The next step in this kit is the medium anal plug, which adds vibration to the mix. Vibration can help ease the sphincter muscles, which is important for anal play. This plug is also a bit larger and heavier than the beginner plug, so you’re able to easily work up in size while trying out the added bonus of a vibrating motor. 

The medium plug unfortunately doesn’t come with a remote for discreet public play like their other individual plugs but it’s still a fabulous way to experience vibration in the comfort of your own home. The lack of a remote is in all honesty my only complaint about this entire kit.

Large Plug 

Large plug measurements: Total length: 5.4″, insertable length: 4.8″, width at the widest insertable point: 1.6″

The largest plug has two weighted balls inside, totaling 180g. This added weight brings a new sensation of “fullness” to your anal play. The size of the large plug is a bit much for my personal preferences with anal toys, but its tapered end, super smooth silicone finish, and base design make it a very comfortable plug regardless.

Walking around in public (or even just at home) with the weighted plug is such an exciting experience! The balls move inside the plug as your body moves, which creates a motor-free sensation that will keep you on your toes. You could wear this plug while doing chores around the house, stealthily at work, or even on a romantic date night to add some excitement to your day.

Other Included Items

In addition to the three plugs, the B-Vibe Anal Training Kit includes a lubricant applicator, an enema, a zipper travel bag, UBS charging cord, and B-Vibe’s guide to anal play

Lubricant Applicator: Also known as a “lube shooter,” this syringe-like applicator is used for getting lubricant inside your body to make insertion easier. While you can use lube directly on the plugs, this applicator can make things smoother.

Anal Enema: While enemas are not required for anal play, they can make things easier for some people who worry about messes. Simply fill the enema bulb with warm water, insert, and expel into the toilet until the water runs clear. There is more information on enemas in the B-Vibe guide to anal play.

Zipper Travel Bag: The Anal Training Kit comes with a bag to store your plugs in. It isn’t fancy or anything, but I always get psyched when my toys come with a storage bag.

Magnet USB Charger: The USB cord is included with the medium plug for easy charging using a computer or AC adapter. 

B-Vibe’s Complete Guide to Anal Play: Included with your purchase is an informational booklet on anal play. It covers how to use the products included in the kit, as well as some general anal sex advice. This free guide is also available for download here.

Care & Cleaning

Because B-Vibe uses super smooth silicone, it’s very easy to clean. If you’re using this training kit solo, soap and water is all you really need to keep them clean. However, if you’re sharing these toys or looking for a way to give your toys a deeper clean, you can do one of the following to sanitize your silicone toys:

  • Boil in a pot of water for ten minutes (this method is NOT ACCEPTABLE for the medium plug, since it has a motor).
  • Soak in a 10% bleach solution, then handwash.
  • Put in the top rack of a dishwasher on the sanitize setting without detergent.

Other than that, just be sure you’re using lots of lube to avoid micro-tearing during play. Also, keep in mind that silicone lube can damage the toy, so you’ll want to avoid that and stick to water-based lubricant only.

The B-Vibe Anal Training Kit was sent to me by B-Vibe in exchange for my honest review.
As always, all writing and opinions are my own.

xx SF

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