Review: Godemiche Ambit

In a world of too many boring pink and purple sex toys, what really attracted me to the Godemiche Ambit was its sparkling teal color. It has other great qualities, which I’ll certainly address, but we should all take a moment and appreciate the appearance of this toy. It just  might be the prettiest silicone dildo I own, and that’s saying something with a collection my size.

Before I get into what else I love about this product, I do want to start off with a disclosure on this company.


Godemiche is a small sex toy business owned and operated by partners Monika and Adam. The two have a heavy social media presence on Instagram, which has earned them a bit of a reputation. Some sex bloggers have expressed their concerns or blacklisted the duo on the basis of Adam’s misogynistic attitude in the past.

While I wasn’t aware of this company at the time of these incidents, I have noticed things of my own while following Godemiche on Instagram. Monika manages most of the company’s social media while Adam and their children make infrequent appearances. The children’s presence on a sex toy company’s social media is a bit strange, but the bigger issue for me is that their daughter (under the age of six) can be seen in their workshop in some videos, playing with anal toys while Monika packs and ships orders. The children have also made appearances in videos where Monika discusses pegging and dildos on their Instagram story in front of them. I may be a bit more intolerant of kids around sex toys than other bloggers, but this bothers me quite a bit.

That being said, I’m putting this information out there for others to make an informed decision about the companies they purchase from. The reputation of this manufacturer will not affect my ability to fairly review this product.

The Ambit

The Godemiche Ambit is available in four colors through the SheVibe website: Bubblegun, Copperhead, Dr. Strange, and Dr. Manhattan, which I chose. All four are interesting color options outside the norm in the sex toy industry, where single-toned “feminine” colors are standard.





The design of the Godemiche Ambit itself is wonderful, too. It’s about 1.5” in diameter and 5.75” long from base to tip, making this a really great mid-range size that most folks would be able to use comfortably. As someone who does own a lot of bigger toys these days, I was pleasantly surprised with the size of the Ambit. It doesn’t require prep for me, and fits comfortably inside me, even when I’m inserting it all the way to the base.

The base itself is a suction cup, which is a nice little add-on. I haven’t personally used it while it’s stuck to a surface, but I tested the strength of the suction cup and was impressed with it. I have no doubt that someone could use it stuck to a flat object or wall with ease.

I did, however, notice that the trimming of the base was a little sloppy. When silicone is put in a mold for curing, the edge of the base has to be trimmed after it’s taken out. For big manufacturers, you don’t really notice it because it’s done very neatly. For the Godemiche Ambit, however, you can see where the base was trimmed and filed down. It’s not a big deal to me but someone else might find the sloppy trimming to be annoying, especially if it interferes with the suction cup on their model.

The material of the Ambit is a platinum-cured silicone, so it is body safe and easily sanitized by boiling for ten minutes, putting in the top rack of your dishwasher on the “sanitize” setting, or soaking in a 10% bleach solution. For regular cleanings (when not going from anal to vaginal use or sharing with a partner), an antibacterial soap and warm water will do just fine.

Perfect for G-Spotting

The Godemiche Ambit is a wonderful toy for g-spotting or p-spotting. The head has an amazing shape that keeps the tip tapered and easily inserted, while still having a broad, well-defined ridge for stimulating my g-spot. It also has a slight, flexible curve that feels amazing compared to completely straight dildos. In fact, the Ambit is probably my new favorite toy for squirting when paired with my Doxy 3. I’ve started using these together more frequently and it’s quite the explosive combination. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing…

I can’t speak to its use as a prostate stimulator because I don’t have a prostate but typically, toys good for g-spotting are also good for p-spotting with. The wide base makes the Ambit anal safe and it can even be used in a harness for strap-on play. In fact, Monika and Adam have talked about using this model for pegging often so I do believe it works well as an anal toy, too.

The Ambit is an all-around really great product if you can overlook the ethical issues in dealing with this company. I know they won’t matter to everyone and that products are often more important than the people who make them, but I do think it’s important to consider who we purchase from when it comes to what kinds of messages we get from those who make our toys.

SheVibe does carry some other great g-spot dildos for anyone interested in alternatives.

Many thanks to SheVibe for sending me the Godemiche Ambit in exchange for my honest opinion.

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