Review: HOLO Whips Custom Flogger

I was first introduced to HOLO Whips at the 50th Fetish Fair Fleamarket. They were set up in a hotel room with handmade cuffs and collars on tables and impact toys hanging on racks. My website photographer, Salem, found themselves a toy on the opposite side of the room, but I was bewitched by the acrylic floggers hanging in front of me.I’d never seen anything like these floggers. Leather is probably the most common flogger material available, and while HOLO Whips does make floggers with traditional leather handles, they do not compare to the unique beauty of an acrylic one. The color is simply gorgeous! The acrylic marbles multiple colors together in a hard, nonporous shape that is easy to handle and so pretty to look at.

On a Mission

After the event, I couldn’t stop thinking about the acrylic handle floggers. I found the shop in my program and contacted the owner of HOLO Whips, Chris. I let him know I was interested in an acrylic handle with a mix of blues, greens, and purples. He sent me photos of a peacock handle he had that had an unusual amount of green mixed in and I fell in love. I requested a classic black leather for the falls and Chris got to work on my custom creation.

My flogger arrived in the mail shortly after I moved into a new house with my partner. I was honestly so taken aback by it upon opening the package. I ended up showing it off to everyone who came by the house for about a week after I got it. The colors were certainly bright and beautiful, but I wondered how would it hold up to play.

After I had some time to unpack and get settled into my new home, this flogger was the first toy I requested to be used on me during our first scene in the new house. My partner was already in love with the look of it and was just as eager to use it on me as I was to see how it felt. Thankfully, my HOLO Whips flogger did not disappoint.

Structure & Design

The individual falls are a great thickness and the flogger as a whole fills out very nicely. It has a good weight to it and didn’t feel thinned out or cheaply made like a lot of mass-produced toys. The handle is as ergonomic and comfortable as it is beautiful. My partner, admittedly, isn’t an experienced Dominant with years of flogging skills behind him, but he found this flogger easy to use and quickly fell into a rhythm we both found effective.

One of the little things I liked about this flogger was the removable hanging strap with the company’s logo on it. As someone who puts all my toys on display, I hate having to find alternative storage for toys that can’t go on a hook but this was the perfect solution. The hanging strap simply snaps on and off so it can be removed during play and put back on for storing.

We tested out the flogger extensively a number of times to look for signs of wear or breakage and found it held together even during very hard sessions. The braiding around the handle didn’t budge and the falls stayed intact and strong. The only notable thing, for me, was that the flogger did have a little bit of suede shedding the first time we used it. This happens with some toys where tiny flecks of the leather come off during a scene and can stick to your skin. There was light shedding with my HOLO Whips flogger but only the first time, and a quick rinse in the shower was all the cleanup required.


HOLO Whips creates kink toys that are traditional, with a modern, creative twist. In addition to floggers, they also make collars, cuffs, dragon tails, acrylic knives, paddles, plugs, and single-tail whips. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a custom creation that will catch everyone’s eye. Their use of acrylic is unique and attractive–something you don’t see much in the community. I, for one, am very excited for my next trip to the local dungeon for a “show and tell” presentation of this piece.

This company really has a lot going for them with a gorgeous product, quality materials, and very friendly and responsive customer service. For a small, one-man operation, HOLO Whips does exceptional work.

xx SF

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