Review: New York Toy Collective Ellis

Ever since my first uncut dildo, I’ve wanted to expand my sex toy collection b y adding more uncircumcised dildos. It amazes me how there are thousands and thousands of sex toy models out there, but so few of them look like a natural penis. A lot of this has to do with the standard in American medical practices regarding circumcision (but my rant on that subject will be saved for another article). I’m here to talk about the newest uncut model in my collection: Ellis, by the New York Toy Collective.

I first came across products by the New York Toy Collective in a sex shop in New York (shocking, I know) last year on Sex Tour. While the shop didn’t carry Ellis at the time, they did have NYTC’s Shilo. Shilo was a lusciously soft silicone with a posable core. I loved it but I assumed all of NYTC’S toys had these great qualities. I was wrong.

Silicone Texture Issues

Ellis was a big disappointment for me from the moment I opened the bag. The soft and silky silicone I felt on Shilo was not what I had in my hands with Ellis. Instead, Ellis felt cheaply made, with silicone that dragged and felt almost porous. Now, silicone in itself is not porous, but the mold used with Ellis makes it feel completely porous to me, which was a huge letdown. The intense drag of the silicone made using it awkward and even holding it uncomfortable when compared to quality silicone models. It is stiff and tacky and downright doesn’t feel good to me.

Model Issues

On top of the texture of the toy, I had an issue with the actual foreskin of Ellis. While my Tantus Uncut #1 has a little ridge for the foreskin, the Ellis has a bit over overlap where gunk can get trapped. Sure, it’s technically realistic to layer the material, but it’s not practical at all when you’re using it in a sex toy. Scraping out vaginal discharge with my nails is a very unpleasant part of cleanup after using Ellis.

Because of this issue, I recommend boiling Ellis or soaking it in a 10% bleach solution after a good hand-washing and scraping out the foreskin gunk (if that’s not the most unsexy task I don’t know what is) if you plan on sharing it or going from anal to vaginal use. In fact, because of the foreskin detail collecting gunk during use, I’d highly recommend almost any other safe toy for anal play.

Included Bullet

The Ellis technically qualifies as a vibrating dildo because it has a hole in the base where you can insert the included bullet vibrator to transfer the vibrations to the dildo itself. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to test the bullet included with my order because it came corroded and broken. I was disappointed, but was able to use an alternative bullet I had on hand with Ellis–though it’s unfair to review its use as a vibrating dildo with another brand’s bullet.


There was really nothing I loved about Ellis other than the novelty of having more uncircumcised dildos in my collection. As a dildo, it did not impress me. As a vibrating dildo, it was just disappointing. Perhaps if this toy was much cheaper and one of my first few toys, I’d be more impressed with it. However, for this price I simply would not recommend it based on the weird silicone texture alone. I’m a huge supporter of silicone toys but this model does not do justice to the luxury feel silicone can provide. Save your money for a Shilo or a Tantus Uncut instead.

The Ellis was provided to me by Betty’s Toy Box in exchange for my honest review.

xx SF

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