Review: Strange Bedfellas Medium Batou

I partnered up with Strange Bedfellas for a review on their (medium) Tyv back in February. Despite being a really attractive, well-designed model, my Tyv was a bit too squishy for my preferences and I was disappointed that I couldn’t use it as much as I wanted. I communicated these limitations directly with Strange Bedfellas, who offered to let me try a model that could handle being poured in a firm silicone without damaging the mold, so I jumped on board to try out a medium Batou in their firm silicone.

Visual Design

Batou wasn’t my first model choice, but the Tyv’s mold had some limitations and wasn’t ready to be made in a firm silicone, so Batou was my next choice. That being said, when I got to hold it in my hands my feelings on the model itself changed a bit. Tyv’s attractive factor is its knot and while Batou isn’t knotted, it is very much the fantasy creature of my dreams. Batou is an uncircumcised humanoid model with beast-like features that give it its flair. At the base of the toy are four horned nubs, which are also visible at the head, poking out from the foreskin. While this may sound painful, I assure you it’s not at all sharp and does not poke you in uncomfortable places. The nubs are soft silicone and just add a bit of texture to the head of this toy.

For my custom pour, I requested a mixed-up rainbow design. I sent Strange Bedfellas a link to a previous model they did in the same color scheme I wanted and told them to surprise me with the exact colors they used. I was extremely excited to see the end result and love how much color you can see in the final product.

I was very happy with my size choice, as the medium is right in my comfort zone. Batou is a bit shorter than most of my dildos, but there wasn’t any pleasure lacking as a result.

Total length: 6.5″
Useable length: 5″
Diameter of the head: 1.7″
Circumference of the head: 5.25″
Widest shaft diameter: 2″
Circumference of the shaft: 6.5″
Base diameter: 3.75″

Silicone Firmness & Texture

Because my main concern with the Tyv was the silicone density, I was eager to try out the Batou in the firmer silicone. I noticed that not only was the silicone itself firmer and easier to work with, but the actual design of Batou made it far less flexible–which was my intention. While Tyv has that very small neck that made supporting its own weight difficult, Batou has a wide base and thicker shaft, meaning it stands up very well on its own and does not flop over as the Tyv does.

The actual firmness of my Batou is 10A shore, which is technically still what I’d consider a medium firmness, but most custom fantasy shops tend to consider this on the firmer side. That being said, all my concerns about the firmness of this toy were gone when I was able to hold it in my hands. It is a wonderful dildo that is able to stand up, penetrate with ease, but still has a bit of squish to make it comfortable. I’ve seen this firmness compared to that of a flexed muscle and I’d agree that that’s a pretty valid comparison to illustrate the firmness.


My Batou came out gorgeous, was able to stand on its own, is easy to use for penetration, and has an amazing texture with the horned nubs that I’ve come to love. I also found the medium to be a perfect size for my liking. All in all, I could not be more pleased with the product I received.

I’m very happy that I found a toy from Strange Bedfellas that worked for me because the craftsmanship of my original Tvy was amazing, but my body just wasn’t having it with the softer density silicone. If squishy toys in general don’t work for you, I definitely recommend looking at the models that can be poured with the firmer silicone (Lon, Batou, Aelit, and Deelit) because this shop does some amazing work that I’m so grateful I get to fully enjoy now.

This custom Batou was provided to me by Strange Bedfellas in exchange for my honest review. All writing and opinions are my own.

xx SF

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