Review: Nefarious Kinks Heart Paddle

Nefarious Kinks is a one-man company based in Washington that has been crafting paddles and other kink toys for almost two years. After discovering his blog, I fell in love with his work and watching the process that went into each piece. After months of drooling over his toys, I decided to invest in one of his more popular pieces–an adorable heart-shaped wooden paddle.

Everything Nefarious Kinks makes is a custom piece. While he makes similar models, no two really are the same. The buyer is able to customize every aspect of the paddle, from the wood type, shape, size, paracord handle color, and any additional details you’d like. His beautiful craftsmanship and attention to detail truly makes each paddle unique for the owner.


The Nefarious Kinks Policy

Nefarious Kinks stands by his product. So much, in fact, that he has a policy for anyone doubtful about the quality of his work.

“If it cant stand up to the stress I put it through, then it has no place in your home. If it breaks on you under normal use, send it back and I will make you a new one.”

That’s right, he has a, “You break it, I replace it!” policy. However, having a piece of his work makes me really doubt that anyone would ever have to make use of this policy. His products are sturdy, solid, and seemingly unbreakable under normal practices. Throughout the creation process, he carefully checks the wood for any flaws.

The heart-shaped paddle is a super cute addition to any submissive’s toy chest, but don’t underestimate the power behind it. The smooth side of the paddle is the perfect size for spankings, and really leaves an impression on those receiving it. However, it’s easily controlled by the person spanking with it, making it a great paddle for both beginners and experienced bottoms.

From flirtatious light taps to tear-jerking punishment sessions, this paddle is perfect for any intensity the spanker puts behind it.

Tops will also enjoy the easy-to-grip paracord handles of these paddles, making them even more comfortable for long spanking scenes. You can even choose the color!

Choosing to buy a Nefarious Kinks paddle means getting a custom experience you can’t find from most toy retailers. These one-of-a-kind paddles are the perfect gift for partners looking for a personal touch on their toys.

Nefarious Kinks has been playing with wood types and colors and has some interesting models to inspire your custom creation. Some buyers have chosen to add holes in the paddle to cut down on air resistance for harder hits, while others have asked to make striped paddles with different wood types, giving it a really unique look. You can even choose to have initials or a name burned into the wood for a truly personalized implement.

For top-quality paddles, Nefarious Kinks is quite reasonably priced. Regular heart paddles run $50. If you want to add holes or another kind of cut-out to the paddle, it’s an extra $5. Striped (multiple woods) paddles run $60, with or without cut-out designs. Get creative–make it yours.

With the, “you break it, I replace it” policy, buying a Nefarious Kinks paddle means investing in a toy that will stay with you and your partner for a lifetime. It’s a great thing to support small businesses–especially with quality like this!

Already-made paddles are available (usually at reduced prices) at the Nefarious Kinks Etsy shop.

Have an idea for a paddle you want to bring to life? Contact Nefarious Kinks via email to work out a custom order.

Also remember to follow his blog for new design ideas, a peek into his workshop, and possibly even some free giveaways now and then!

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