Review: Pillow Talk Sassy

The Pillow Talk Sassy is a g-spot vibrator made of body-safe silicone, and it’s as beautiful as it is powerful! Its elegant shape and strong, rumbly vibrations combine to make the ultimate g-spot vibrator that you won’t want to put down. It’s also rechargeable, splashproof, has a built-in travel lock, and is super easy to clean. The Sassy is a toy I can’t recommend enough!


Sassy is one of the nicer looking vibes in my collection. It comes in a gorgeous teal color (also available in pink) with silver accents, a diamond cushion design on the handle, and a dazzling Swarovski crystal on its control button. It’s a very feminine toy (which may be a good or bad thing depending on your personal style) and it makes me feel like royalty. Its shaft has two symmetrical curves going upward to give the bulbous head more dimension. Sassy isn’t a realistic-looking toy, but it’s a very elegantly designed one.

Sassy is about 8” long, with 5” of that being insertable. It has a slender neck and a bulbous head that measures 1.4” in diameter at the widest point. The curved head on this toy is fantastic and managed to find my g-spot with zero effort on my part. The shape works so well for me (and I’ve heard only good things from other reviewers) that I really can’t fault it one bit. The smooth silicone is velvety soft and doesn’t drag and works perfectly with a bit of water-based lube. It’s also the perfect flexibility, which allows for comfortable movement during use without sacrificing the pressure that a firm g-spot toy would allow. It works on every level and there is no doubt in my mind that an incredible amount of work went into designing the Pillow Talk Sassy.


The controls for the Sassy are very simple but can also be frustrating at times, which is my one fault with this model. It has one button at the base of the toy, which makes controlling it pretty simple. Press once to turn on, and hold to increase the intensity of the vibrations. Press again to turn off. 

You get a nice little range of intensities without the hassle of multiple buttons and patterns, which is greatly appreciated in the design of these settings. However, the button tends to get pressed accidentally a lot for me, which can be really frustrating close to orgasm. If you’re careful about it, you can avoid the issue but if you like to ride your toys or thrust them, it’s possible that the button on the base can get pressed unintentionally.

The Pillow Talk Sassy has a handy travel lock that makes traveling with it a lot easier. Simply press the crystal button twice quickly to turn on the travel lock. In this mode, the Sassy won’t turn on with a single button press so it’s safe to store it in your bag or suitcase. To unlock it, double press the button again before turning on.

My Experience

My personal preference with sex toys has always been dildos and wand vibrators. I was never super into internal vibration because without clit stimulation, it never really got me anywhere. The head of the Sassy, however, perfectly finds my g-spot every time I use it and has been a real game-changer in my sex toy line-up.

That being said, Sassy also makes a really nice clitoral vibrator. The head of the toy fits comfortably between the labia and the PowerBullet motor in the head delivers strong, rumbly vibrations to the clitoris. It’s not the same as pinpoint clitoral stimulation but for someone used to the broad vibrators of a wand, it works very well all on its own as an external vibe.

Care & Cleaning


The Pillow Talk Sassy is fully rechargeable and doesn’t require batteries. It comes with a charger that can be plugged into a USB port or used with an AC adapter. Keep in mind that Sassy is splashproof, not waterproof, so while it’s easy to clean with soap and water, it shouldn’t be fully submerged. For a full explanation on how to clean and/or sanitize your sex toys, check out my cleaning and maintenance guide.


The Pillow Talk Sassy is one of the best g-spot vibators in any price range, despite selling for under $55. Its shape is superb and the vibrations are stronger and rumblier than I’ve ever felt from an internal vibe. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in stimulating their g-spot. Sassy would make a wonderful investment for a really good vibrator for anyone new to toys or even very experienced with them. As my collection continues to grow, I just seem to love my Sassy that much more. 

The Pillow Talk Sassy was sent to me by Betty’s Toy Box in exchange for an unbiased review.
All writing and opinions are my own.

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