Review: Pjur Original Silicone Lubricant

Lubricant is not only necessary for many sex activities, but it can also really enhance some, too. Because silicone-based lubricants don’t dry out as quickly and can be much slicker than water-based, they tend to be better for PIV sex, anal sex, toy insertion, as well as a masturbatory aid.

Pjur’s Original Bodyglide is by far one of the best-quality silicone lubricants I have come across in my exploration. It comes in 3.4-oz black bottle with a screw-off cap. The lubricant is easily squeezed out for a no-mess application.

While water-based lubricants often have a gel-like consistency, silicone lubes tend to be thinner. Pjur’s Original Bodyglide is especially silky. It has a very thin consistency, but also holds in place quite well. It doesn’t run and it doesn’t absorb too quickly, so you’re able to enjoy it for longer. The second to last photo is of a few drops of it on the back of my hand. You’re able to see how it covers the skin, but doesn’t drip or make a mess. Also, clean up is a breeze. While other silicone lubes can leave you feeling greasy, this one absorbs much better and leaves you feeling moisturized and silky-smooth. Soap and water is not required for removal like with other types of lube.

One of the main reasons I bought this lubricant was to test a claim made by Tantus. Their website notes this lubricant as being safe to use with silicone toys. Normally, silicone lubricants can make silicone toys swell so only water-based is recommended. However, with a little research, I’ve found claims that this specific brand uses silicone so concentrated that it is actually safe to use with silicone toys.

I tested this theory out by using the base of my Tantus Curve, a 100% silicone dildo. I used three lubricants to test my theory: Sliquid “Sassy” (water-based), Gun Oil (silicone-based), and the Pjur’s Original Bodyglide (silicone-based). Since the water-based is safe to use with silicone, and I know the Gun Oil isn’t, I used this to compare the effects. When I put a dab of each on the toy, the water dried in time and left no spot, while the two silicone lubricants did (see photo). However, a few hours later when I went to put the toy away, the Pjur spot disappeared.

I contacted a Tantus representative and we discussed that this disappearing spot has been noted in other trials. Tantus tested the effectiveness of this lubricant with their silicone toys in-house and found that they were safe to use with the quality silicone Tantus uses in their toys. This, however, may mean that less-pure silicone toys may react with it. That being said, the Pjur seems to have left no trace on my toy and it was confirmed by Tantus that this particular lube is safe for use with Tantus toys. Imagine that!

Pjur does make a water-based lube if you’re skeptical but I’m happy to report that further use of this lubricant with my Tantus toys shows no sign of damage.

This lube has also been excellent to use with my partner. He loves the feeling of it during handjobs, and can’t seem to get enough. It makes the experience so much more slick and pleasurable for us both and I highly recommend it as a hand job/masturbatory aid for people with penises.

It also stays silky-smooth long enough for PIV or anal sex without reapplication. I have also used this lube for long-term anal plug wear and it does not get sticky and uncomfortable like other lubricants do.

All in all, this is an A+ product. It does have a bit of a price tag, but keep in mind that a) you don’t need much for each use (just a few drops), and b) it really is superior to cheaper lubricants. If you’ve only tried water-based, this product will amaze you. If you’ve tried other silicone lubes and want something safe with your toys but still long-lasting and silky-smooth, give this one a try! It’s well worth it, in my opinion.

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