Review: Tantus Suction Cup Attachment

The suction cup used with a Tantus Echo attached to a wall.

Tantus’s redesigned suction cup is a fantastic accessory to add to your toy collection! It allows any Tantus brand vibrator to be mounted on any hard surface for added fun during masturbation or play-time. It works great in showers, bathtubs, on walls, or even tables or desks. Simply remove the bullet from your vibrator, attach the suction cup firmly on the surface, and press the toy onto the suction cup for a tight seal that is sure to stay put.

The suction cup has been completely redesigned from their original model for a better hold on the toy and the surface. It even holds up on humid surfaces such as in the shower. The suction cup is made of smooth high-quality silicone and is easily cleaned of any dust and hair from storage.

What’s the downside? Well, due to the specific design of the suction cup, it’s only compatible with certain types of toys. It is inserted in a hole specifically in a toy for a bullet vibrator. This makes the suction cup compatible with:

  • Tantus vibrator toys
  • Vixen vibrator toys
  • Topco bullet vibrator toys
  • And others!

Keep in mind this suction cup will not work with dildos, as they do not have the bullet-insert. All Tantus vibrators, however, work perfectly with this design! I tried it out on my Echo vibrator by Tantus and found it to work very well. The toy stayed firmly on the wall, and took a lot of effort to pull off, straight out. It even stayed on my damp ceramic tub without a problem!

I recommended the suction cup to a friend of mine who used it on a wooden door frame in her hallway, and said it worked fantastically. I, however, being gifted with a rather large bum, found using it on walls to be a bit difficult to maneuver. This, however, is due to my size and not a flaw in the product. I’m sure people who are not as overweight or more flexible than I would find it much easier. Though, I found that using this product vertically–as opposed to horizontally against a wall–worked wonders for me. I’m able to put it on the surface of my desk, table, the wall of my tub, or even on a solid chair and use it like a toy mount. For me, it works great!

I highly recommend this toy to anyone who enjoys the sensations of “riding” a toy or their partner. It’s a great angle for vaginal penetration as well as anal penetration, and if paired with the right toy, can be a fantastic way to stimulate the G-Spot or P-Spot.

If you already have a Tantus vibrator, definitely check out this attachment. If you don’t, I suggest you get one to pair with this attachment to be sure the fit is perfect.

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