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I’ll be honest: I’ve seen like two Marvel movies and was forced to see both of those by men I was dating at the time. Superheroes aren’t really my thing, but I support the nerds who love them. Even without knowing much about the Marvel universe, I was able to look at the Vivo Superhero line at SheVibe and identify each of the toys to their respective superheroes. It’s no wonder SheVibe picked up this line–superheroes are kind of their thing. I even get discreet sex toy packages addressed to me from Bruce Banner, which happens to be the color option of my Vivo.


The Vivo color combo I got, Banner, is a marbled green and purple. The available color combinations are pretty neat and you have your choice of the Hulk, Spiderman, Wolverine, and Iron Man. The Superhero line is made by Uberrime, the makers of the big alien dildo I fell in love with earlier this year. Vivo has a lot less texture than my other Uberrime toy, but it is a really nice basic dildo. It has a defined, unrealistic head as well as a second ridge of texture towards the head.

Vivo has a total length of 7”, with 6.5” of that being insertable. The head diameter is 1.83″, so it’s slightly on the thick side when compared to average toy sizes, but the shaft runs about 1.5” in diameter, which is a pretty nice middle ground for most people. The thicker head helps stimulate the g-spot (and p-spot, if using anally). Vivo’s head may be slightly larger than standard toys, but its density makes it pretty comfortable to use.


I was a little surprised at the density of my Vivo. I was expecting something like the Ripley I reviewed from Uberrime, but the Vivo is a noticeably softer silicone. Vivo’s density is classified as a medium-soft and definitely has some squish to it.

As someone who usually prefers firmer silicone and often has trouble inserting soft toys, I was initially a bit disappointed. However, I found that using lube made inserting the lower-density toy much easier and it felt amazing once inside. I changed my tune about the density after the first trial run because it’s so plush and comfortable, but still insertable without much of an issue for me.

Care & Cleaning

Because the Vivo is made of 100% silicone, it is easy to clean by hand-washing with soap and warm water. However, if you’re sharing this toy with others or going from anal to vaginal use, it will need a deeper clean. Simply throw it in the top rack of your dishwasher (empty, with no detergent) on the sanitize setting, boil for ten minutes, or soak in a 10% bleach solution.

For a silicone toy like Vivo, use only a water-based lubricant. I suggest Sliquid’s H2O. Vivo is also anal-safe and harness compatible.


I had a little bit of a roller-coaster experience with Vivo. I was super excited for it, then disappointed with the low density, but after proper testing, determined that it was actually a really good fit for me.

It is flexible, so keep that in mind if you’re used to thick, dense toys. If squish isn’t an attractive factor in your dildos, maybe try a denser toy, like that alien dildo I love so much. Vivo also has a lot less texture than the alien dildo, but works really well as an “everyday” toy. It’s comfortable, average-sized, and simple in the texture department. All in all, a solid choice for anyone who is down with a little squishiness. Bonus points if you’re into the Marvel universe, but that’s definitely not a prerequisite.

The Vivo Superhero was provided to me by Uberrime in exchange for my honest review. It is available exclusively at SheVibe.

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