Review: Womanizer Plus

The Womanizer Plus is my first from the Womanizer series. All the products in their line are handheld clitoral toys that provide more of a suckling sensation than a vibration. They’re very similar to those put out by Satisfyer, but tend to be more expensive. I wanted to get my hands on a Womanizer product to see if it was worth the price difference.

“Womanizer” is a common term for a man who engages in multiple casual sexual encounters with women that he is able to charm easily (refer to the Britney Spears song for more details). The name is perfectly suited for this product. The Womanizer Plus is a toy I use when I’m looking to get off without any strings attached. It’s not one I’ve really fallen in love with, but it does the trick when I need it. It’s something I lust for when I’m in a rush and want to exhaust myself before bed but I wouldn’t use it in an encounter I want to last a while. It’s not a dignified orgasm, but one that leaves me satisfied–and more often than not, in a puddle of squirt. If the Womanizer Plus were personified, I’d feel guilty for using it in such ways.

The Womanizer Plus very quickly became my go-to for lazy orgasms. It’s not something I generally use for more than five or ten minutes at a time. In fact, on the highest setting, my average time until orgasm is only about 15 seconds. But I’m okay with that.


When I opened the toy for the first time, I was surprised by the size of it. Shocking, I know, since this is the plus size version of the Womanizer. It looked monstrous, though! Over time, I got used to it and now I’m really happy with the size of it.

During masturbation, I can hold it really easily without having to stretch or position myself in such a way to read everything with ease. The curve of the toy fits perfectly in my hand and requires little to no effort during use.

The controls are also really accessible. Lots of products have multiple buttons with annoying cycles to go through, but the Womanizer Plus basically only uses two buttons once you get going. To turn it on, you press the button by the head. During use, you only have to focus on the (+) and (-) buttons by the charging port. They’re big and clearly labeled so you don’t have to accidently hit the wrong one or cycle through the super intense settings to get back down to the low ones. To turn it off, simply press the button at the top for three seconds.

The Womanizer Plus also comes with two removable heads. The larger head is perfect for trans men, despite the cissexist product name. My boyfriend is able to enjoy this toy as well, which is a huge perk for me when deciding on what to buy. Toys like the Womanizer Plus can be great for trans men in particular because they may not trigger dysphoria like some traditional vibrators, and feel more like getting a blowjob.


The Womanizer Plus is completely waterproof, making it a safe bath buddy. If you’re not one for baths, it can also be used in a pool, hot tub, or shower. Even if you don’t use it in a body of water, you’re going to appreciate its waterproof feature if you squirt at all. (Trust me, you’re going to want to put a towel down on the bed.)

It has twelve basic settings, all of which provide a sucking sensation. There aren’t any patterns or anything, which I appreciate as someone who needs a steady sensation to get off. The different settings aren’t always noticeably different than the one before it but there is a world of difference between the first and twelfth setting.

I’m someone who requires a lot of intensity to reach orgasm. My usual go-to is a powerful wand like the Doxy. However, the Womanizer Plus is able to get me off with ease. At the highest settings, it takes less than thirty seconds. My boyfriend, who is accustomed to less power over longer periods of time than I am, can still climax in a just few minutes on the lower settings.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Compared to the ease of wiping off the head of a wand with a toy wipe or washing a dildo, the Womanizer Plus can be a little difficult to clean. However, it is fully submersible so water damage isn’t a concern during cleaning. Obviously, you can’t boil any toys with a motor in them, but you can boil the silicone heads if you’d like to sanitize them between partners or for a deeper clean.

The body of the toy can be washed with soap and water, but you’re going to want a little brush to get in the small areas of the head. Especially if you squirt at all, it can get a little funky in between uses. A designated toothbrush for cleaning would work perfectly, and can be kept in the little carrying pouch that comes with the Womanizer Plus. Be sure to air dry everything on a towel or paper towel before putting the silicone head back on or storing it.

Every few uses, you’ll want to plug it in to keep the charge. Thankfully it’s all rechargeable, and there are no batteries to buy or change. The power button on the Womanizer Plus glows red when turned on, flashes green when charging, and glows a steady green when fully charged. You’ll get about four hours of use time with a ninety-minute charge, which isn’t bad. I haven’t had it die on me during use (knock on wood!) as of yet and I charge it every five or so times I use it.


If it were your only sex toy (or your first), I don’t know if I’d recommend the Womanizer Plus to you. It has a lot of great qualities and I truly enjoy it, but I would find it frustratingly quick if I relied on it every time I wanted to have an orgasm. The low settings are too low for me to get off to but the high settings make me orgasm too quickly. It’s a toy I strictly use to get off quickly and when I don’t care how much of a mess I make. Alternatively, it’s perfect for those into forced orgasms!

If you have a diverse toy collection already and are looking for something intense that will feel great for short bursts, the Womanizer Plus is an amazing option for you. Perhaps if you’re less of a power queen and more patient than I am, you’ll find this toy useful for other types of solo or partnered sessions, as well. I have no problem using it for the purpose that I do, though, and still consider it to be one of my most used toys as of late.

Don’t let my personal use of the Womanizer Plus discourage you from investing in one of your own. It works well, it’s consistent, and it never leaves me unsatisfied. If the price tag isn’t a major issue and you like the sound of quick, intense orgasms, it may be perfect for you. If you’re still not sure, I’d suggest looking into the much cheaper Womanizer Pro40 before fully investing in the Plus.

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    1. I think it’s more powerful than the Pro 2 (Next Gen), but the cost difference between the two probably isn’t worth it.

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