Sex Tour: Good Vibrations (Brookline, MA)

I’ve read enough about Good Vibrations over the years to know they have a good reputation. My boyfriend actually got his first dildo at one of their stores (he’s transgender and has become very attached to his chosen penis).

Everyone I know who has been to a Good Vibes location has loved it. However, after signing on to work with Good Vibrations as an online affiliate almost a year ago, I’ve been feeling increasingly guilty for never having been to one of their stores. I decided to remedy that recently.

On the first of October, my boyfriend, our play partner, and I spent the day in Salem, MA. We made plans to stop at the Brookline Good Vibes location on the way home. After all, who doesn’t love topping off a day-trip with some sex toys?

Just to give you guys some background here, I don’t usually go to many sex shops with physical locations (though I am looking to change this). I work with a lot of companies online and I know enough about sex toys to be able to get things delivered to my door without ever having to go to an actual store. You see, in Connecticut, we don’t have a lot of high-end sex shops. Most of our options are semi-sketchy stores. Ones that carry novelty dildos made of jelly, decorations one would buy for a bachelorette party, definitely-illegal knives, and bongs*. It’s a shit show, to be honest.

*not specifically labeled “for tobacco use only.”

Inclusivity is Sexy

Walking through the door at Good Vibrations, I got really over-excited. It was gorgeous! The first thing you see is a wall of condoms in different materials, brands, sizes, textures, and flavors. They had female internal condoms, dental dams, and every kind of Sliquid lubricant (the best brand for lube, in my opinion!). I felt…home?

My partners split in separate directions as I wandered off on my own to explore. Everything called to me! I wanted to see every inch of this shop (I absolutely did!). There were tester toys out on display that you could pick up, touch, and feel the vibrations for yourself. They carried brands I knew, trusted, and loved! Almost every internal toy I saw was made of high-quality silicone–with the exception of a few low-budget options that were made of hard plastic, which is still non-porous and pretty safe.

Shiny lapel pins hung on a wall. One had a changeable arrow pointing to one of three pronouns. That morning, my genderfluid partner had told my boyfriend and I that today was a “they/them day.” I immediately called them over to show it off. Their inclusion of non-binary genders made us both really happy to be shopping there.

Knowledge is Sexy

Over at the condom wall, an associate showed an internal condom to a customer. I overheard them inform this customer about new developments that will make internal condoms accessible only through prescription. Giddily, I listened to them discuss the importance of access to birth control. Across the room, another associate showed glass toys to an interested customer looking into the display case, explaining the safety benefits of using glass over porous toys. I couldn’t believe how well-informed all the staff were.

At some point during my visit, I interacted with every staff member. They were all friendly, eager to help (without being pushy), and super knowledgeable about the products they sold. All the employees were cheerful and approachable–not something I was used to at sex shops, but something I was so thrilled to see! One associate even walked my partner and I through testing out an e-stim plug by letting us hold it and feel how it works.

After pacing back and forth between three options and getting the input of two associates on my debate, I chose my new toy. I walked out of the store with a We-Vibe Jive, three sex-positive buttons, and a lot of…well…good vibes.

Edit: I ended up scribbling my name and email address on a newsletter sign-up box they had in the middle of the store. Two days later, I was sent an email letting me know I had won a $50 gift card to Good Vibrations. This in no way shaped my opinion of them, but it’s definitely more of a reason for you guys to visit a location and do the same!

xx SF

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