Sex Tour: Oh My! (Northampton, MA)

Northampton is a wonderfully liberal town in Massachusetts with lots of visible rainbow flags and friendly locals who will let you pet their dogs. Seriously, it’s great! Of course, nothing tops off a day-trip to Northampton like visiting a mother/daughter-owned sensuality shop. My partner is no stranger to Oh My!, but this was my first visit. Spoiler: I was not disappointed in the least.

Oh My! isn’t a huge sex shop, but that’s part of its charm. It has a split-level area full of sex toys, lubricants, condoms, kink toys, books, and lingerie. The exposed brick walls are covered in harnesses, sex-positive paintings, and embroidery. Scattered around the shop are other little knickknacks including multiple vuvla pillows, a smiling crocheted penis, and sex-positive text art. It’s very low-key and reminds me of home. (Though, I suppose not everyone’s home is adorned with such cute sex-related things.)

Oh My! has a nice selection of sex toys to choose from, including lots of silicone dildos and vibrators from popular names in the industry. However, they also support small businesses. Agreeable Agony, a local kink toy supplier, has a dedicated section at Oh My! where you can purchase hand-made floggers and other impact toys. Oh My! also supports J&J Leather, who supply collars and cuffs with really nice vegan options available. My partner swears by them!

Oh My! has two sections of books: one for erotica and one for educational purposes. I got really excited about the educational section because I owned a good chunk of what they had in stock, and they were really great resources. Their erotica section was diverse and both sections contained a lot of queer-inclusive content.

Past the books, there was a male section, which included mastabators and prostate toys. I was really pleased to see toys for trans males in that section, as well. My partner picked up a trans-specific mastabator by Buck Angel and got really excited that there were toys in the men’s section specifically for him. I think it definitely made him feel good about being there and that made me really happy, as well. Not only did they stock toys for trans folks, but they stocked them in a gender-affirming section of the store.

During my visit, I got a chance to chat with Beth, the daughter of the operating duo. I got such a great impression from her! She was friendly and spoke to everyone who walked in the store with a big smile. Beth showed my other partner models of specific toys they were interested in and gave them lots of information about what kinds of things to look for. She even encouraged that we test out the impact toys we were looking at–but only if we had consent from each other!

While browsing, I was discussing one popular brand with my partner. I had mentioned that there was an issue with the model I received. Beth was happy to talk and offer advice to me even though I had purchased the toy elsewhere. I could really tell that she had a true passion for toys and education, and that made me so proud of them.

When I told people I was starting this Sex Tour series, I got a handful of recommendations to go to Oh My!. Everyone who knows about this shop absolutely loves it–which says a lot to me about the people who work there. With a great selection of body-safe toys and a passionate and educated staff, Oh My! was definitely a shop worthy of a road-trip up to Northampton.

Hours of Operation

Address: 122 Main St. Northampton
Phone: (413) 584-9669

Monday-Thursday: 12PM-7PM
Friday-Saturday: 12PM-8PM
Sunday: 12PM-5PM


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