Review: Agreeable Agony Petal Slapper

Agreeable Agony is a community of crafters based out of Western Massachusetts. Among the regulars at my local dungeon in Connecticut, they’re a big deal. One of their staple products is an impact toy called a “Petal Slapper,” which is a nice, inexpensive introduction to their brand. I’ve been using mine for over a month now and I’ve really grown to love it!

Material & Construction

Petal slappers are made from bicycle tubing, which is composed of natural rubber. All parts of the tubing are used in their construction and varied in a way that makes each finished product different from the next. The specific product I received had outer “petals” made of tubing but also contained the track of a tire folded down the middle. I jokingly dubbed this product my “evil ear of corn” because of its resemblance to an ear of corn with the visible tracks as kernels. Not all petal slappers look like this, though. In fact, it’s difficult to find two that look exactly the same.

Allergy Warning: Since these petal slappers are made with bike tubing containing natural rubber, they are latex allergy reactive. Please do not use these toys with any partners with latex sensitivity. For some amazing alternatives, check out the impact toys they have listed on their website made of wood or leather.

Sizing & Design

All petal slappers come only in black, but each one is uniquely made. Like a flower, each has different shaped or styled petals. You can, however, purchase one of four sizes/designs:

Photo Credit: Agreeable Agony

Small ($35)

  • This is the size I received. It’s just under a foot long. I’d consider this a travel-friendly toy with full range of capabilities for someone looking to stay within a tighter budget.

Large ($45)

  • A size up from the small–more like their standard model. These slappers are a little more complex and larger than the model I received.

Feather Duster (Special Order, $60)

  • These ones are large! These guys are at least 24+ inches in length. They’re definitely more intimidating! The feather dusters have more complex designs than the standard models.

Evil Loop ($45)

  • The Evil Loop petal slappers contain a carpet beater-like component to the design. The thick rubber loop of wire or tubing would definitely cause some more pain than the standard model. Adds weight and definitely more likely to leave bruises.
Photo Credit: Agreeable Agony

Impact Uses

Petal slappers can be used almost anywhere on the body–though I recommend fleshy areas such as the buttocks, thighs, and breasts. They’re comfortable to use as the spanker and delightfully evil for the spankee. Some models are lighter and require more force, while others are heavier and only need a light swat.

I would describe the pain as more “stingy” for my specific Petal Slapper, which includes that folded tire track in the middle. That fold provides a bit of a cushion during swats, so the sensation I get from it is more the sting from the petals than a thud from the weight of the toy itself. However, I’ve felt the larger models in person and they definitely give off more of a “thuddy” sensation–especially that evil loop!

Most models come with a hanging strap, but you may want to send in a special request to be sure you get a model with a strap for hanging if that’s how you store your toys.

Cleaning Recommendations

Photo Credit: Agreeable Agony

I got in touch with the creators at Agreeable Agony for cleaning tips. For normal cleaning, simply wash gently with water and mild soap. Be sure to rinse clean and dry completely (out of direct sunlight or extreme heat) before storing. You might want to peel down some of the rubber petals to be sure water doesn’t get trapped inside and get moldy or anything.

For a deeper clean, wipe down with Cavicide wipes. Please note, however, that since these toys are made of natural rubber (a porous material), they cannot be sterilized. Once they come in contact with bodily fluids such as blood, vaginal fluids, or semen, I suggest you only use them with that specific partner. I do not recommend any part of these toys be used internally.

Where To Buy

Petal slappers are always available through Agreeable Agony’s website, but you can also buy one in person!

Find Agreeable Agony products at the physical locations listed here.

Products are also available during certain vending events. Check out their vending and class schedule!

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