Review: Tantric Toy Box Basic Bliss Wand

The Basic Bliss wand is made of silky soft silicone, which feels amazing to the touch and is completely body-safe. The handle of the wand has a slight texture while the head of the wand is completely smooth and seamless. Most wands have a rigid head, but the Basic Bliss wand has a lot of flexibility, which allows you to get the perfect angle during use no matter how you hold it.

This wand is an excellent choice for someone looking for a travel-friendly wand that still packs strong power. As someone who is definitely a power queen, I require high-intensity vibrations to easily orgasm. For everyday play, I prefer heavy artillery corded wands but for something quick and easy, the Basic Bliss is a great choice—even someone with my standards. I was really surprised that something at the low price-point of the Basic Bliss wand was able to not only get me to orgasm consistently, but even to squirt with it. Most rechargeable bullets and vibrators can’t do that–especially for the price of this wand. I was positively surprised by how much I fell in love with this as a backup to my expensive corded wands.

The fact that it is cordless is also great for packing the wand in your bag for a play party or when traveling on vacation. On a single charge (for about an hour and a half) you’ll get 3 hours of play from the Basic Bliss–perfect for an evening without the hassle of extra cords or batteries. The USB cord required for charging is included and can be used on its own or with a wall outlet converter (not included) for faster charging.

In addition to being cordless, the Basic Bliss is also totally waterproof, which makes it the perfect companion for some fun in the tub or shower. The grip texture makes holding it easier in slippery situations, too. Because it’s completely waterproof, it’s easy to clean with soap and water for solo use or soaking in a 10% bleach solution for sanitizing. The seamless silicone around the head makes it so much easier to clean when compared to typical corded wands.

There are three buttons on the wand’s handle for a simple control of the settings. There is a button for power (on/off only), one for patterns, and one for vibration intensity. With 8 speeds and 20 different pulse settings, you’re guaranteed to find one that works well for you. Personally, I have a strong preference for stable vibrations and stick to the basic high setting. However, if some pulsation or escalation is more exciting for you, the Basic Bliss wand has plenty of variations to please.

My only complaint about the Basic Bliss wand is that its settings are unusual in the sense that it defaults to the highest setting when you hit the power button, and pressing the button that controls intensity will bring it down, and then back up. While I don’t have an issue with this (because I use it on high every single time) many users who prefer lower intensity vibrations may quickly get annoyed with having to first lower the intensity when they turn it on instead of getting to start low and gradually work up.

For a high-intensity vibration, the Basic Bliss is also pretty quiet. Noise is by no means a concern for my personal use, but this is a toy I would not worry about using in a shared living space or on vacation.

The Basic Bliss is an excellent sex toy for its low price point and surprised me with intense vibrations. You won’t hear me recommend many toys from Amazon, but this is one toy I had a great experience with and can’t recommend enough at the affordable price. Combine its power, the convenience of being cordless, and the fact that it’s made of a body-safe material with a 30-day money back guarantee and 1-year replacement warranty from the manufacturer, and this toy is absolutely worth your $20.

This is a sponsored review by Tantric Toy Box.
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