Review: Pleasure Works Captain

Introducing the Pleasure Works Captain, part of a wonderful line of simply-designed dildos named after military rankings. Captain is one of the larger models they have to offer, but it’s designed with a little more flair than some of its underlings.


Captain is made of 100% body-safe silicone, one of the safest sex toy materials available. This means that it doesn’t harbor bacteria, it cleans very easily, and it can be sterilized for safe sharing between partners or for going from anal to vaginal penetration.

Not only is it body-safe silicone, it’s dual-density! That means it’s highly realistic in texture, with a firm inner core and a plush outer layer. If you’ve never tried a dual-density toy, you’re seriously missing out. It just happens to be my absolute favorite sex toy material. The Captain is so soft and squishy, but the firm core means it can still act like a hard penis during penetration. 

The silicone is super smooth and non-porous, so it’s a real pleasure to touch. Good Vibrations recommends dusting their Pleasure Works line in between uses with cornstarch to make them super silky-soft.

Remember to only use water-based lubricants with silicone toys, as silicone lube can damage silicone toys. Feel free to use water-based lubricated condoms with this dildo for added safety when sharing with partners or going from anal to vaginal penetration. Wash with warm water and soap after each use or sterilize your Captain by using one of the following methods:

  • Boiling for five minutes
  • Putting in the top rack of your dishwasher
  • Soaking in a 5-10% bleach solution


Captain is 7.5″ long and just under 1.9″ in diameter, so it isn’t a small toy by any means (oh Captain, my Captain!). I would recommend this toy only for people who have experienced penetration before due to its size. While it is on the thicker side, its smooth silicone material makes insertion pretty easy when paired with the right water-based lubricant. I recommend Sliquid Sassy with silicone toys.

The dual-density design of Captain makes it a great addition to anyone’s toy collection. In addition to the dual-density construction, it also features realistic veins and head. I found the texture to be nice and subtle. Captain also comes in four skin tones for an even more realistic experience. I chose the color that best matched my transgender boyfriend so he could use it with a harness without the dysphoria that a brightly-colored dildo might trigger. He is very happy with its appearance during use.


Like I mentioned, the Captain is harness-compatible. Because it’s on the thicker side, you’ll want to be sure your harness can accommodate the girth. My partner’s harness is a boxer brief with a stretchy one-size ring design and the Captain fits just fine. More traditional harnesses with interchangeable o-rings should have one that is 1.75″ or 2″ in diameter to fit this toy.

The Captain does not vibrate or have a suction cup attachment, but it’s an incredible dildo for those looking for a manual toy. What it lacks in frills it makes up for in flawless design. This toy has become a staple in my sex life for both use with a harness and when paired with my Doxy wand. The flange is small enough to stay out of the way when using clitoral toys as well, but large enough for harness compatibility and safe anal play.

Final Thoughts

I did not expect it to, but Captain commanded my heart pretty much instantly! For someone who definitely likes a simple, realistic dildo, this one is close to perfect. The dual-density is to die for and I love the soft, plush texture of this toy. It’s difficult for me to find any flaws in its design for what it is. Obviously, it’s not like some of the high-tech jackhammer vibrators you’ll find at Good Vibrations, but it sure as hell can get you there with a little motivation. I would highly recommend the Captain to anyone who has gotten comfortable with slightly above-average-sized toys. As far as simple dildos go, this one gets a big salute from me.

xx SF

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