Review: Crash Pad Series Episode 194 (Kay Kardia & Lux Fury)

Episode 194: Kay Kardia and Lux Fury

“A night of burlesque inspires Lux Fury and Kay Kardia to put on a private show. But when Lux is caught getting off without Kay’s permission, they end up with a bright red bottom. But when two switches play, things can go both ways, and soon Kay is the one begging to come. D/s fun, hard strap-on fucking, loud orgasms and more, guaranteed to make your tassels twirl.”

I woke up at 5AM and started texting a partner of mine, who’s coming over for a little sex session today. I found myself getting excited thinking about him, and decided to make use of my time while my boyfriend was still asleep upstairs. I turned on an episode of Crash Pad Series, starring Kay Kardia and one of my favorite performers, Lux Fury.

I remember first seeing Lux Fury a year or so ago, in a photoset during a pet-play scene. I could not get them out of my head for the longest time. They were so cute, sweet, and radiated this fun-loving energy. It’s no wonder I chose one of their performances for my first Crash Pad episode.

The scene opened with two gorgeous femmes, discussing a recent burlesque show and dancing by wiggling their butts for each other. Soon, clothes slip off, revealing Lux’s waist cincher and fishnet stockings. When Kay Kardia dances for Lux, they start masturbating and earn themselves a punishment for not asking permission. Lux is cropped and a pair of wrist and ankle cuffs are put on them while Kay gets down to business.

The two play with each other, switching back and forth from a teasing top to a panting bottom. They cover each other in affection, trailing their lips along each other’s thighs and chest. The giggling between them is reminiscent of my own play times, and the constant, yet subtle, affirmative consent in the scene is refreshing.

With light bondage and kink, the scene mainly focuses on reciprocate oral sex, strap-on sex, and the use of two other toys. The performers get creative with the sex toys, discussing their pretty, sparkling look inside the other. At one point, Kay even seductively licks a dildo clean as it comes out of Lux.

The use of lube, gloves, and toys sets this episode of Crash Pad apart from the hardcore, flashy mainstream kink porn I’m used to. It’s much softer, and lets me enjoy the performers in a more natural state. The episode really does look like a night between two lovers rather than porn performers rushing into a scene together. With soft kisses and “thank yous” muttered between them, Kay Kardia and Lux Fury enjoy a sensual session that left me feeling at ease.

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