Review: Magic Wand Plus

This year, the distributors of the legendary Magic Wand (formally the “Hitachi”) released a new product in their very small line of powerful vibrators. The original wand and the rechargeable version are now joined by the Magic Wand Plus.


The Magic Wand Plus is nearly identical in appearance to the Rechargeable Magic Wand. It has a white plastic body, blue silicone buttons, and a silicone head. Put them side by side and I’d have to look very closely to tell the difference between the two. Compared to the Original Magic Wand, however, it’s an obvious upgrade from the older model.


My biggest issue with the Original Magic Wand was the low safety rating of the TPR head. The material of the original’s head is porous and even gets discolored over time. It grossed me out, and attempting to clean it resulted in my first Magic Wand’s untimely death.

The Magic Wand Plus, however, has all of the appeal of the more expensive Rechargeable Magic Wand’s main design, including the silicone head, at a lower cost. It also features multi-speed control (with four speeds instead of the original’s two) and a removable cord for easy storage. Please note that although the cord is removable, this toy is a corded wand, meaning it requires an outlet to work. I have seen some shops advertise this wand in a misleading way to imply it is cordless but it does require being plugged in to work. The convenience of the removable cord is for storage and travel purposes only.


The Magic Wand Plus is the perfect middle point between the Original Magic Wand and the Rechargeable Magic Wand. It has the safety and multiple speeds of the rechargeable, but requires a cord and lacks patterned settings. This trade-off, however, is very appealing to those who are looking to save a bit of cash, as it is notably cheaper than the rechargeable version.

If the cordless feature of the Rechargeable Magic Wand is what drew you to this product, I’m afraid the Plus doesn’t quite meet your needs. However, if you’re looking for a body-safe version of the Original Magic Wand with a few extra speed settings, the Magic Wand Plus is slightly more expensive, but is completely worth it.


The Magic Wand Plus is 100% worth the extra money if you’re looking at the original. If the rechargeable version’s cordless design and extra patterned settings are a must-have for you, by all means make the full investment for the rechargeable. However, if you’re fine with steady vibrations and have access to an outlet, save your money and snag yourself a Magic Wand Plus. It’s the perfect compromise that gives you a high-quality, body-safe toy at a more affordable price.

The Magic Wand Plus was provided to me by Peepshow Toys in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Hello, so now that you’ve tried the magic wand plus/rechargeable which is the better choice, the magic wand plus or the Doxy die cast??

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