Review: Tantus O2 Cush

In 2012, I wrote a review for the Cush O2 for a site I no longer review for. Many of the toys I had reviewed with them have long-since been discontinued from my collection due to safety concerns or personal preferences. However, nearly six years later, I still find myself reaching for this old friend. As one of the few toys I’ve spent over five years with, I think the Cush O2 deserves a revamped review.


The Cush O2 is made of dual-density silicone. This basically means that the inside of the dildo is made of a firm silicone while the outer layer is made of squishy-soft silicone. The material is absolutely fantastic. This was my first-ever experience with dual-density silicone and it was honestly a huge game-changer for me. This toy turned me on to the Tantus brand and many of the other dual-density toys they manufacture.

The Cush is firm enough to use without much guidance, but is still flexible and soft to the touch. The silicone is all body-safe, as it is nonporous and resists bacterial growth. The outer layer of soft silicone acts as a cushion, making penetration more comfortable than toys made of hard materials like plastic, glass, or steel.

There isn’t any extreme texture to the Cush O2. However, there is a slightly noticeable ridge around the head and in the middle of the shaft. This ridge is good for g-spot stimulation during vaginal penetration.


Length: 7″
Insertable length: 6.75″
Circumference: 5.5″
Diameter: 1.75″
Weight: 10.5 oz

The insertable length of the dildo measures 6.75 inches, so you have a lot to work with–especially considering the 1.75-inch diameter! The Cush O2 may not be the longest toy in your toy box, but it’s definitely girthier than the average dildo. If you’re on the fence about the size, I definitely suggest you look into the Flurry O2, a smaller version of the Cush.

This is a girthy and heavy dildo, so I do not suggest it for beginners. Those new to toys probably don’t want to start off with something this big. That being said, be sure your partner is also ready to be penetrated by this toy if you are using this as a strap-on. The Cush O2 is a pretty large dildo for anal use, and can even hurt vaginally if pushed in too fast or without proper lubrication. Go slowly with this one until you’re used to it.

The base of this toy makes it easy to use in solo situations as well as with a harness. The flange (base of the dildo) is about 0.25 inches thick and has the most concentration of color in the toy. The model I own (no longer stocked) is called “Ice,” and is mostly a frosty white color with some blue showing through the core. However, the base is bright blue, and the color fades up from there. Currently, a pink and purple version are available to purchase through Tantus.


People who don’t mind the girthy size will love the stunning performance of the Cush O2. The soft outer layer keeps things comfortable during use, while the firm inner core adds to the realistic feel. If size is not an issue, this product is actually quite comfortable to use.

While the base is not a suction cup, it had a bit of a “stick” when I first bought it. While this is nice for those who play on a flat surface like a table or floor, it will not stick to anything like a shower wall. I don’t know if newer models still have this slight suction to them but mine has worn off with years of use and washing off dust and cat hair from the base.

The base is harness compatible, though! Just keep in mind that this dildo has a bit of weight to it, so beginners to strap-on sex may have difficulties controlling this product. Try using smaller/lighter products before giving this one a try.

Care and Maintenance

Because it is made of silicone, you can clean this product a number of different ways:

  • Boiling for five minutes.
  • Top shelf in the dishwasher.
  • 5-10% bleach solution soak.
  • Antibacterial soap and water.
  • Toy wipe/toy spray.

Store the Cush O2 in a clean, dry place such as a drawer or box. Keep in mind that the softer silicone on the outer layer is a lint magnet, so you might want to keep this product in a pouch or bag while storing to avoid picking up pet hairs or dust. A quick rinse before use takes care of any debris it may pick up during storage!


The Cush O2 was my first experience of many with dual-density silicone and I’m still in love with it to this day. It turned me onto the entire Tantus O2 line. While I’m not specifically a size-queen, I bought this for the rare occasion that I wanted something with more girth than my usual toys. It has served very well for that purpose and I’ve grown quite attached to it.

xx SF

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  1. A bit big and has to be warmed up to but extremely well made and comfortable. The silicone has no defects to be seen and overall just a very well made product. However not for the faint of heart.

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