Review: Tantus Steam Hunk

We humans have so little time on this Earth that I never would have guessed I’d be spending any of it Googling for robot erotica–yet here I am. Being a sex toy reviewer leads to some interesting life choices. One of these choices was asking my best friend to write me some cyborg erotica when Google provided little assistance. Introducing what is perhaps the most…peculiar sex toy in my collection as of yet: the Tantus Steam Hunk.


The Steam Hunk may not be a cold, realistic metal dick, but silicone is pretty nice, too. Consider this an upgrade into the twenty-first century of sexbots. The material is actually Tantus’s super soft blend of premium silicone. As the name suggests, it’s soft and squishy, making it pretty cushy for penetration.

I personally have mixed feelings on the material Tantus uses with their super soft line because a) I feel like it’s a bit more work to penetrate with these toys since they tend to bend and flop around, and b) I’m really fucking spoiled with the toys in their O2 line (AKA: dual-density silicone), which are far superior to the super soft toys, if you ask me. Still, I’ve gotten feedback from blog followers who really enjoy the super soft line, so it very much depends on personal preference.

Size & Design

Head Diameter: 2.2”
Shaft Diameter: 1.69″
Insertable Length: 5.78”*

*Tantus says the insertable length is 5.78 inches, but I say you’re not trying hard enough.

The actual texture of the toy looks like a lot of detail, but wasn’t super noticeable to me during use. There are very thin ridges along the shaft to give it a “fused metal robot” look, but because they’re so subtle and the material is so squishy, it’s virtually unnoticeable.

The texture that is noticeable is anything past that 5.78-inch insertable length Tantus suggests you stick to. If you don’t have problems dealing with the 2.2-inch diameter head of this dildo, I think going past that length to the very textured base isn’t that much of a stretch (pun intended). Consider it a challenge for people not necessarily good with larger insertions. For size queens, it’s not even all that impressive. (I’ve seen some unholy toys in seemingly impossible spaces.)

However, the base of the toy does pose a big problem for me during use that I need to address. It is very wide and gets in the way of any access to my clit, which is kind of a huge bummer. I typically use dildos in addition to my Doxy wand in an upright, riding position. This toy blocked access completely and made it really awkward and frustrating. I am only able to use this dildo on its own and hope to orgasm by some miracle where I wouldn’t need clitoral stimulation.

In addition to cutting off access to my clit, the base is so large that it cannot be used in a harness. That puts a damper on anyone looking to explore some sex robot fantasies with their partner. Disappointingly, Steam Hunk appears to be a very selfish lover.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Silicone is arguably an easy material to clean. Some antibacterial soap and warm water will do for an every-day scrub. For a deeper clean (especially when sharing toys or going from anal to vaginal penetration), you can boil the Steam Hunk for five minutes, put it in the top rack of your dishwasher, or soak in a 5-10% bleach solution.

While these are all great methods of cleaning your silicone toys, keep in mind that the detailed nature of this model means it’s easier for bacteria to get trapped in the nooks and crannies. Be sure you pay careful attention during cleaning. Scrubbing all the little components will ensure a longer lifetime for your Steam Hunk.

Your Steam Hunk comes fully functional and requires no setup upon unboxing. He is fully loaded and ready to go. For the safety of its users, I suggest using a water-based lubricant to keep things running smoothly. Using silicone lubricant on this model will void the program warranty and require a full replacement unit.


The Steam Hunk is a quality toy made with premium silicone. With an above-average size and a soft and squishy texture, it can feel pretty great (especially if softer silicone is your thing). However, considering the price tag of this product and the options available within that price range through Tantus, the Steam Hunk is not recommended for the average sex toy user. Maybe I’m just super biased for dual-density silicone, but this one didn’t press all my buttons, so to speak.

That being said, if you happen to have a robot fetish, I fully endorse this product for your all your kinky sci-fi fantasies. Nevertheless, I think most people will find this toy either too big, too floppy, or too specific for a fetish they don’t have. If the idea of fucking a robot gets you going, by all means give the Steam Hunk a chance. If that’s not your thing (or you’re too preoccupied with the consensual implications of sex robots being a very real possibility in our future to enjoy this one), then maybe use your money to go for something a little more traditional.

xx SF

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