Review: KinkLab Vampire Gloves

Not many people know about vampire gloves, but they are my absolute favorite kink toy on the market. I’ve been playing with my pair for eight years now, so it’s a wonder I’ve never reviewed them before, but the time has finally come.

What are Vampire Gloves?

They may sound scary, but hear me out until the end of this review. I promise they aren’t as terrifying as you’re probably imagining. They actually have a pretty nice range of uses so even if you’re not a big masochist, they can be utilized to fit your level of comfort.

Vampire gloves are made of leather (other versions on the market may be vegan, but KinkLab’s are cow leather) with a little bite to them. Embedded in the fingers of the gloves are metal star-shaped pieces that have spiked tips. The spikes are small and shallow, but are pretty sharp, like vampire teeth.

What is the Purpose of Vampire Gloves?

Vampire gloves have a few purposes that range from sensual to painful and I personally appreciate every single way I can use this toy. They’re very versatile for people who either want to work up to more pain-play or for people who often switch up how they play in a scene.

Sensual Uses

  • With your partner on their stomach, use two gloved hands to trace up and down their back lightly. This feels like an amazing back scratch and can definitely cause some goosebumps and chills. Trailing lightly may cause superficial scratch marks that go away in a short amount of time.
  • Use a single finger or two to trail around your partner’s neck and ears. Most people have some sensitivity in these areas and it can be really arousing to stimulate them lightly with a toy like this.
  • Gently running a few fingers through your partner’s hair can stimulate their scalp and cause some pleasurable sensations. Be very careful to go lightly and slowly and avoid tangles in the hair with these gloves.
  • Using vampire gloves in a sensory deprivation scene is an amazing way to get someone all riled up and covered in goosebumps. Trail their whole body with your gloved hands and see what delightful noises they make for you.

Intimidation Uses

  • Some uses of the gloves produce a fearful response in a partner, without actually causing them too much pain or risking bleeding. One of these is a very, very light grip on the throat of a partner. Vampire glove breath play (at least for me) triggers a massive endorphin rush from fear but doesn’t actually cause any pain or damage to my skin. I do, however, advise extreme caution with this and suggest you not apply any pressure at first, unless told otherwise by the bottom party.
  • Using a gloved hand on a partner’s genitals can definitely get a rush out of them. Obviously, penetration with these is not safe. However, a light touch between someone’s legs can get their pulse racing without actually inflicting any pain.

Painful Uses

  • Using a gloved hand to spank a partner’s breasts, butt, or other fleshy area can be a lot of fun. Light spanks are virtually painless, but rough ones can be painful and even produce blood. Blood will be drawn in the form of tiny dots spread across the affected area. Be sure to read the cleaning and safety section if you draw blood.
  • Spanking sounds mean and may look hardcore if you draw blood over time, but honestly I’m way more scared of a rough squeeze with these gloves. Squeezing may or may not cause bleeding depending on how you do it, but the pain and shock of it is usually really intense. Grabbing someone’s breasts or ass with a gloved hand or two is pretty sadistic and sure to cause an endorphin rush in your partner.


Because these gloves can easily come in contact with blood, it’s very important that you follow certain safety procedures.

First off, be aware that these gloves are made of leather and leather is a porous material. This means that you cannot sterilize it. Because of this, it is suggested that you never share these gloves with another bottom party, even if there is no obvious blood on them. If you switch with your partner or have multiple bottoming partners, they should each have a pair dedicated for just their use. Sharing among topping parties (wearer of the gloves) is fine, however.

For regular cleaning of your own gloves, I suggest an antibacterial wipe or cotton ball with alcohol. Be careful not to get the leather too wet, as you can damage it. Vampire gloves are definitely not easy to keep clean, as they will pick up bits of the wipe/cotton ball on the spikes, but you can try your best to clean between them. Blood can be wiped from the surface of the leather but even if they look clean it is best to assume they will always have traces of blood on them after they have come in contact with blood.


Due to the nature of vampire gloves, you should have a base knowledge of first aid when playing with this toy. Aftercare should be done with safety precautions taken to protect yourself and your partner. The topping party should wear medical gloves (latex or nitrile for those with latex allergies) during clean up. Light pressure should be applied to bleeding areas with a clean piece of gauze until bleeding stops. Alcohol should be used to clean the wounds (non-masochists beware: it stings!). After an air-dry, you’re usually fine to put clothing back on and let it heal normally, as they’re usually very small marks.

Safety Tip: If you use these on the ass and then use the bathroom directly after a scene, you can transfer spots blood onto the toilet seat. This can cause a risk of infection to others–especially if you’re at a public dungeon or play party. Be sure to wipe down the toilet seat with an antibacterial wipe after to avoid spread of bodily fluids.

Keep in mind that intense play involving blood can significantly drop a bottom party’s glucose levels. This is important to look out for, especially if your partner is diabetic. Look for signs of weakness, faintness, pale skin, or shaking. If your partner is having these reactions, sit them up with water and a snack until they feel better. Diabetics should test their blood sugars after a scene and take necessary actions to stabilize their levels.

Vampire gloves are an amazing and unique toy that can be a lot of fun, but you have to be careful when using any toys that draw blood and risk spreading infection. Be sure to play with caution and to have cleaning supplies within an arm’s length when playing to easily perform any necessary aftercare. Check in with your partner often–especially if it’s your first few times using these gloves. Stay safe and have fun!

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  1. i have two questions. first, how do i get my boyfriend to do kinky stuff with me if he’s only into vanilla stuff? and two, can i jerk him off with these or is that too risky?

    1. I have a guide on introducing partners to kink here. Please do not use these gloves to jerk off your partner.

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