Review: Tantus Hero

I don’t consider myself a size queen, but for indulgent solo sessions, I like to challenge myself in some way. For years now, the lengthy Tantus Uncut #1 has been my go-to toy for that, but out from the mist emerges a new Hero.

Hero is unlike the majority of my toys, which tend to be a medium to long length, and average girth. Being only 5.5” long, the Hero compensates for length with a thick 2” diameter shaft. I’ve found this makes thrusting and riding the Hero a much easier task than some of my longer toys, which like to poke at my cervix in certain positions. With the Hero, I don’t have that problem and I’m certainly not complaining about its size.

Like all Tantus toys, the Hero is made of premium body-safe silicone. The Hero is one of Tantus’s “super soft” toys, meaning it has a bit of squish to it but still stands firm. I think the name is a bit deceiving because it is, in my opinion, still a medium-firm toy. However, it’s got a bit of give to it when inserting. It is a lot like their dual-density O2 line.

It’s non-porous and completely santiziable by either a) boiling for 10 minutes, b) soaking in a 10% bleach solution, or c) putting on the top rack of your dishwasher on the “sanitize” setting without detergent. Sanitizing in between uses allows you to share this toy with partners and/or go from anal to vagina use. You can also use a condom (with water-based lubricant) with the Hero for easy cleanup.

Note: My Hero came to me with a small tear in the base. It’s not an issue for me so I’ve decided not to take any action to get a replacement. I have dozens of toys from Tantus and have never had an issue with defects before. That being said, if you happen to have an issue with a model you buy directly from Tantus they will replace it at no cost to you. You can email at or call Customer Support at (775) 284-6400.

Hero was originally available in a number of color options, and Tantus took a vote, cast via sales, as to which two color options they would keep. The victors were Peacock and Punk Rock Pink. While yet another pink dildo on the market isn’t an exciting revelation, the Peacock–a beautiful teal/blue–stands out nicely in my sea of pink and purple sex toys.

The Tantus Hero doesn’t have the hole in the base for a bullet–Tantus’s way to make their dildos into sanitizable vibrators–so it isn’t compatible with their bullets or suction cup. However, if you have a large enough o-ring, the Hero is harness-compatible. I have yet to try the Hero with a harness, however. Due to the thickness, I tend to favor the Hero when I have control over the thrusting, as opposed to a partner.

Fun Fact: If the Hero looks familiar, it’s because it’s a new density pour of the original Luke O2 design.

Hero is actually my first-ever toy with balls, and I have some feelings about them. I was intrigued by the new feature of this toy for me, but they have been less than ideal for my masturbation style. I’ve found that the Hero feels most comfortable inserted with the balls facing the front of my body as opposed to the natural direction of missionary position. However, because my usual style of solo play involves riding a dildo with a wand on my clitoris, the testicles made this difficult for me. They’re large and firm enough to get in the way almost completely during an upright, riding position. They also haven’t added anything to sessions where I’m thrusting without a wand.That being said, the Hero is a great size for me when I feel like something thicker than my usual comfort level, so I continue to use it without a wand. It’s not the toy I usually use to orgasm, but it’s been in my rotation despite the positioning issues with the balls. The short length lets me thrust and ride it without worrying that I’m going to impale myself. I would love this toy so much more if a version of the Hero was available without the balls.

Who is the Hero ideally for?

The Hero isn’t for everyone, but it is a great dildo for those who:

  • Don’t need a lot of length
  • Enjoy girthy toys (2” diameter)
  • Want to use the Hero anally OR on’t use a wand while playing OR have a small butt and can comfortably face the balls towards your back in order to gain access to the clitoris

If you don’t think the size or the addition of the balls will work for you, I suggest something like the Cush or Duchess, which are average-length, slightly girthy O2 models without balls.

If everything sounds good to you, then the Hero just might be the short and stout savior you need.

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