SF’s Top 5 Toys of 2018

This year was jam-packed with new experiences and best of all–new sex toys. I wrote a post at the end of last year for my top few toy picks so I figured I’d keep the tradition alive and share my top five choices for 2018. The toys I’m choosing from are toys I’ve acquired in 2018, so they may not all be brand new but are new to me. I’ll also include my partners’ choices and which toys I have my eye on for the new year.

SF’s Top Five Toys

1. Fun Factory Stronic Real

Last year’s wishlist included the Fun Factory Stronic G, and while I wasn’t able to snag one of those, I did get to try the newer Stronic Real, which was an absolute dream. Even as someone who isn’t really a fan of insertable vibrators, this one was a huge hit. This is mostly due to the fact that it doesn’t vibrate but thrusts. Its short, quick thrusting motions drop me deep into a happy place that no other toy can replicate.

Read the full review here.

2. Zumio X

I had my doubts about the Zumio X because I’d heard so many negative reviews about it, but I realized that this toy is just designed for specific bodies. It’s a love it or hate it kind of toy and thankfully, I loved it. The super intense, pin-point vibrations feels amazing to my power-hungry clit and can even make for some exciting forced orgasm scenes. If you’re not into super powerful vibrations, have a sensitive clit, or enjoy broad vibration, this one isn’t for you. If you like intensity, but are a little nervous about this one, I suggest the Zumio S–which is basically a slightly less intense version of the X.

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3. Doxy 3

I obtained a Doxy 3 thanks to a generous boyfriend early this year and it has been my favorite corded wand of all time. While I’ve yet to try their Doxy Die Cast version, the 3’s smaller size, removable silicone head, and more focused vibration really does it for me. It also has a gorgeous, sleek aluminium body that I enjoy much more than the original’s plastic. It didn’t come cheap, but it’s probably my favorite purchase of the year.

4. Sola Sync

The Sola Sync was my biggest regret because I avoided it for so long. For over a year, I laughed at this toy and assumed its quirky shape and design were flawed. I now realize how much more accessible it makes this toy–and its power is no joke. I’ve cum more with this wand than any other rechargeable wand this year and I got it much later in the year, which really says something about it.

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5. Tantus Champion

I snagged myself a Tantus Champion at the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit before it even hit the market. It’s a larger version of the Tantus Hero, which was a big hit with me so naturally I enjoyed this as well. The shape and firmness of the Hero/Champion just work so well for me, and I love having the option to stay with the shorter Hero or push myself further and take the Champion. If only I could get this in a dual-density instead of their “super-soft” silicone (which isn’t as soft as you’d think, but I’m not complaining).

Read the full review on the Hero (shorter version of the same model) here.

My Partners’ Picks

This year, I introduced my boyfriend to the Magic Wand Rechargeable (review here), which quickly became his favorite toy. While I do appreciate it very much, I found myself still attached to the Doxy 3. The intensity and convenience of the Magic Wand Rechargeable works perfectly for him, however.

My partner was also introduced to a number of anal toys, which let him explore new types of play. His favorites are the Fuze Pleasure Plug 2 and the Fuze Star Navy suction cup dildo. Fuze makes great body-safe products that are super affordable, and we’re both really glad we chose them for his first anal toys.  

I asked my other partner, Rooster, which of my toys was his favorite to use on me and he responded by saying the Justin dildo I recently reviewed was the best. He loves how thick it is and takes “pride” in fucking me with it.

2019 Wishlist

  • NJoy Pure Wand: This dildo has been on my wishlist for years and was featured in last year’s post, but I have yet to snag one for myself. It’s been so long that I’m starting to think I may have hyped it up a bit too much, but everyone seems to love it so I can’t deny that I want to try it for myself.
  • Doxy Die Cast: I feel like I absolutely need to complete my Doxy wand collection with their second version: the Doxy Die Cast. It’s larger than the 3, but possibly more powerful? I need to find out…for science.
  • ElvieElvie is a smart kegel toy that makes sure you’re getting in your pelvic floor exercises and I’m super curious if it would work for me, but it’s a bit out of my price range currently. I also haven’t had much luck with Bluetooth toys, but I’m willing to give it a shot.
  • Eroscillator 2 Pro: Another toy I’ve had my eye on for a while. Similar to the Zumio X, it doesn’t vibrate so much as it oscillates. I fell in love with the Zumio so I’m curious if I’ll have similar feelings towards the Eroscillator.
  • Luzarte Purple Flame Jollet: I’ve seen this model get some great reviews and, I mean, look at that color! I’d love to give it a try and see what all the fuss is about, but even if I don’t like it as much as everyone else does I’d keep it for the artistic value alone. I do love a colorful toy that is as beautiful as it is functional

I hope you guys had a decent year behind you and have an even better one ahead! What were some of the best toys you experienced in 2018? Did I miss anything you need to rave about? Let me know in the comments or Tweet me!

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