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Last year, I got my hands on the long-sought-after Zumio X. I fell so in love with its strong pinpoint vibrations that it even made my top five toys of the year. Now JimmyJane has released their own version of the sonic vibrator that is looking like a worthy competitor of the Zumio X. It’s called Focus, which I find ironic because when I use it I lose all brain-power and turn into a literal puddle.


The Focus has a peculiar shape and gets a lot of questions on my social media as to what exactly it is. It’s been described as, “that hot air balloon toothbrush,” and it’s not entirely wrong. The tip does very much resemble a toothbrush, especially with the attachments on it. In fact, it even sounds like an electric toothbrush at the higher frequencies, though the silicone attachments help with muffling that noise.

The design of this toy is interesting to me. While the Zumio is a long, slender toy (which  looks even more like a toothbrush) the Focus is bulbus. I have a slight preference for Zumio’s longer body, which I hold almost like a pen to reach that sweet spot. The Focus required slightly more reach and the bulb doesn’t feel as natural in my hand as the Zumio.

That being said, it’s an interesting design that has a bit of texture to it for an easy grip. It is mostly smooth silicone but does have a seam down the middle, as well as where the tip is connected to the bulb, which is a little annoying when it’s coming in contact with fluids because you have to really focus to get those areas clean.


A sonic motor operates at a super-high frequency, providing 31,000 vibrations per minute. It sounds pretty intense but if you’re all about power in your sex toys, it’s a beautiful thing. Like the Zumio X, I don’t recommend this product if you have a sensitive clit and prefer lower vibration settings on toys. I also wouldn’t recommend it as a first-time sex toy to anyone. This is definitely what I would consider an advanced clitoral vibrator, not for the faint of heart.

There are only four settings to the Focus and, with the exception of the lowest, I can’t really tell much of a difference between them. Still, being the power queen I am, I up that sucker to the highest setting every time I go to work. More often than not, I end up squirting and needing to do a bunch of laundry, but that’s the price I pay.

You can definitely hear a difference between the settings, especially without the silicone attachments. They do muffle the noise, which isn’t super loud but very buzzy like an electric toothbrush or dental equipment. Not the sexiest image to get past, but it’s worth it, I promise.

All four vibration settings are steady, which is a blessing to me. I’m not one for patterned settings so I’m rejoicing over this, but if you like patterns this one might not be a good fit. If you’re like the majority of folks with a clitoris, however, you’ll enjoy the steady settings it has to offer.

The Focus has a single button for easy control. Simply hold it down to turn on, and press again for the next setting. Press and hold again to turn off.

Silicone Attachments

The JimmyJane Focus comes with three silicone attachments to customize the right sensations for you. They easily slip on the hard plastic tip and can be taken off carefully as to not snap them.

Caress: Caress is a toothbrush-like attachment with lots of tiny silicone bristles. It provides a more gentle stimulation to the clit for those who want a slightly more broad sensation. This attachment is probably my least favorite, as it can be difficult to clean if fluids or skin cells get caught in the tiny bristles.

Aim: Aim is best used for direct stimulation and provides a pinpoint focus for the vibrations. You could use the hard plastic tip alone without an attachment for pinpoint sensation, but the silicone cap is a bit more comfortable to use, and easier to clean.

Embrace: Embrace is my favorite attachment. It provides a full-contact focal point for the vibrations to surround the clitoris and provide deep vibrations. The box also suggests trying this attachment on your nipple, if you’re so inclined.

Cleaning & Travel

The Focus is made of silicone and ABS plastic, which means it’s non-porous and easy to clean…for the most part. While the seam and small textures in the blub make it a little annoying to clean, the silicone attachments easily come off. The attachments can be sanitized by boiling or soaking in a 10% bleach solution. If you’re not sharing with a partner, however, a simple wash with soap and water will do.

The charging port is just under the JimmyJane logo, and provides a splashproof seal to keep the motor dry. This means that you can clean it without worries and even use it in the shower, but should not completely submerge it in water. I have used this toy in the shower with no issues.

Focus comes with a silky storage pouch to keep it away from dust and dirt. It’s also a good place to keep all the attachments and charging cord for easy access. It is, in my opinion, a great toy for travel due to its size and convenient carrying pouch.


Focus is an excellent clitoral vibrator for those who have the need for its intensity. Like many who tried the Zumio and didn’t like it, you need to go in expecting this toy to be insanely strong. If that doesn’t sound like your thing, it probably won’t work well for you. If, however, the idea of earth-shattering vibrations and constantly wet sheets entices you, it’s well worth a try!

The JimmyJane Focus was provided to me by SheVibe in exchange for my honest review. All writing and opinions are my own.

xx SF

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