Review: Justin (Addiction)

I felt like a bad Gay™ for the longest time for not owning a rainbow dildo. Every pride month I would think, “I should finally get that rainbow silicone dildo I’ve had wishlisted for three years,” and every time I’d find an excuse not to. This year, SheVibe came to my rescue when they needed someone to review Justin, an 8” silicone suction cup rainbow dildo. I eagerly volunteered my queer ass for the assignment.


Justin is one of several silicone dildos designed by Addiction. It also happens to be their most expensive, but in a range of $22-$32 a piece, they’re very reasonably priced, considering that silicone is completely body-safe and these toys are well-made. All of their toys are named after men, which is something I’m not super into for several reasons but I’ll overlook it.

Justin is full of pride, with a rainbow coloring from the tip to the suction cup base. The head of this dildo is detailed and realistic–well, you know, besides the coloring–and all the models currently available on SheVibe by Addiction include balls.

This model stands at 8”, but considering that the measurement includes the balls and base of the dildo, it’s a bit shorter when it comes to insertable length. However, the length combined with a diameter of 1.75” makes it a pretty decent size. This size happens to be a great one for me but can definitely be challenging if you’re used to smaller toys or are brand new to toys.

Justin may be thick but it’s also very flexible. It’s very squishy in the sense where it’s comfortable during use. It has a lot of give once it’s inserted and that definitely feels amazing when compared to firmer silicone dildos. While it isn’t a dual-density toy, which tend to be my favorite, it is an excellent density for someone who likes that plush outer layer with a firm core. Because Justin is still very easy to insert (as in, it doesn’t flop around like a lot of softer silicone toys), it has the comfort of a dual-density toy without the price tag of one.

Suction Cup

I’m not a huge fan of suction cup toys, just because that’s not my prefered way to use them. However, I will say that the suction cup on Justin is quite strong. For several weeks, I kept it attached to the wall of my office. This was without wiping the toy or the wall down first, so it did fall once or twice, but it was impressively strong, even when used as a coat rack for a short period.

Obviously, with any suction cup toy, it’s best used on a clean, smooth, non-porous surface. Tubs, shower walls, floors, and walls are good options for this. I suggest rinsing off the toy and wiping the surface with a clean, damp paper towel before attempting to stick the toy on it.

Dirty toys and toys covered in dust or pet hair obviously won’t stick as well. So if I’m finishing up a session with Justin and it’s touched my bedding (which is, I’ll admit, always covered in cat hair), it loses most of its suction ability. However, that’s not a flaw of this model alone but just how suction cups tend to work, so just be sure to keep them clean.

Care & Cleaning

How do you keep it clean, you ask? Easily! Silicone is super easy to keep clean because it is non-porous. If you’re using the toys solo, some soap and warm water is all you need to keep Justin squeaky clean. However, if you’re sharing between partners or using this toy anally and vaginally, I recommend using a condom (with water-based lube only) or sanitizing it between uses.

You can sanitize Justin by boiling it for 10 minutes, soaking in a 10% bleach solution, or throwing it in the top rack of your dishwasher and running it on the “sanitize” setting without detergent. Easy peasy!


Justin is an excellent toy, especially for its price. It’s the whimsical gay pride symbol I needed in my toy box without the expensive price tag or low-quality material I usually find on rainbow toys. It has the perfect squish-to-firmness ratio and feels like a dual-density toy worth much more. Whether you like using the suction cup or not, Justin is worth purchasing.

Justin was provided to me by SheVibe in exchange for my honest review.

xx SF

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