Review: Tantus Silicone Paddles

A while back, Tantus released five paddles to their line of toys, but these aren’t ordinary leather paddles. Like their dildos, these paddles are all made of 100% pure body-safe silicone. They are super sleek and easy to clean, which first attracted me to these toys.

When I found my first Tantus paddle, I was looking for a paddle that was safe to use during blood play. Scenes involving blood made it unsafe for me to use a leather paddle, as leather is a porous organic material. Silicone was an alternative option that I learned to honestly prefer over leather. Since silicone is nonporous, it’s safe to use during play that involves bodily fluids. It can be totally sterilized, so there’s no worry!

First thing’s first: I don’t consider these to be beginner’s toys. Any of them, really. You’ll see why. People new to impact may use these as a vegan alternative to leather but they are not soft-hitters. Regardless of how hard you hit, silicone carries more weight than most wooden or leather paddles, which would likely leave a mark.

I’ve decided to break down the paddles by model and speak on each one in comparison to the others.


Pelt may look small compared to the others but it actually packs a hell of a punch. With its petite size, Pelt is excellent for traveling. It easily fits into toy bags or suitcases and doesn’t arise any suspicion. It has a very moderate pain level, which suits my level of usual play very well. Pelt also has a thicker handle, which made it my partner’s favorite to spank me with.

  • Diameter: 3.25″
  • Length: 11.6″
  • Sound Level: 6/10
  • Pain Level: 6/10

Snap Strap

I deemed Snap Strap the “more bark than bite” toy of these bunch. Because of this and it’s versatility, I’d suggest this to less experienced folks who just want to have fun trying out new toys. It’s less frightening than the others, but still makes all the scary fun noises we like to hear! My partner (as the spankerwanted to note that he was not particularly fond of the handle’s “floppiness” compared to the others.

  • Diameter: 2″
  • Length: 17.75″
  • Sound Level: 8/10
  • Pain Level: 5/10

Wham Bam

Wham Bam is a thick, shorter version of it’s brother, Snap Strap. This one is the asshole of the group, though–with my highest pain rating of all five. This makes it the perfect choice to use on masochists or unruly submissives for punishment sessions. It also brought out the sadist in my partner, who rated this very highly.

  • Diameter: 2″
  • Length: 15″
  • Sound Level: 6/10
  • Pain Level: 8/10


Thwack was probably my personal favorite due to its pain level. It was high enough to suit my masochism but lower than the Wham Bam, which I couldn’t stand at full force with the same satisfaction. It has a square shape (where as the Pelt is rounded) making it a wider-surface spanker. It’s also a bit louder during use, in my experience. My partner enjoyed this one a lot, too. Highly recommended for masochists.

  • Diameter: 1.75″ 
  • Length: 6.5″
  • Sound Level: 6/10
  • Pain Level: 7/10


The Plunge is special in the sense that its handle actually doubles as a body-safe dildo. It can be inserted into a vagina or anus for an added bit of fun to your spanking scenes. I found the pain to be light to moderate, and the sound level on the lower side for this paddle. My partner commented that the dildo handle was a bit awkward to hold. He also wasn’t a fan of the floppiness of this paddle. This one is recommended for lighter spankings and teasing sessions over ones geared more towards masochism or punishment. Extra points for the convenient dildo, though!

Diameter: 1.25″
Insertable Length6″
Sound Level: 5/10
Pain Level: 5/10

xx SF

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