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The Axovus ball chain flogger is made of 6 stainless steel ball chain tails, each measuring 18” in length. The total length of the toy with the handle is 25”. The handle is made of stainless steel and has a textured rubber grip for the perfect hold. The blunt end of the handle has a fixed steel ring, measuring about an inch in diameter, for hanging on a hook. Since my kink toy collection is primarily stored on my wall, I appreciated this feature. Lots of non-leather floggers tend to overlook this feature, and I’m always disappointed when I can’t hang a toy on my rack with the rest of them. I was pleased to be able to include the Axovus chain ball flogger on my wall of toys.

Impact Play

It’s probably fairly obvious to most people that a ball chain flogger isn’t exactly a beginner toy. However, I’d recommend this toy for folks who have experience with impact, who are fairly into pain play, and don’t mind a stingy flogger. As someone who tends to prefer thuddy pain, I knew that trying this toy would be a risk but I was not at all disappointed by its performance. 

The Axovus ball chain flogger definitely has a bite to it! While the ball chain tails are quite heavy when compared to a traditional leather flogger, they don’t tend to always hit a targeted spot like leather tends to do. Their weight and the way they’re attached to the handle means they’re a bit separated from each other and can go in several different directions during an impact scene. This is part of the fun, of course, but I did have to have my partner watch out for stray chains hitting some particularly sensitive spots that I wasn’t intending to hit.

There was also a bit of wrap-around with these chain tails, which can be very stingy. That being said, the person who was Topping while I put this toy to the test is very new to floggers. I’m sure an experienced Top would have better control. As a heavy masochist, though, I’m not exactly complaining about the sheer power behind this toy. It has a lot of potential for some really fun scenes focused on pain play.

My partner had a lot of fun Topping with this toy. It did take a bit of communication to work out exactly what kind of sensation I was going for. There was also a bit of a learning curve for him as a new Dominant but he found this flogger to be comfortable to wield and really enjoyed the experience with something so unlike toys he’s tried before.

Sensory Play

In addition to being a great toy for impact, you can also use the Axovus ball chain flogger for some sensory play. The steel tails can be used in a sensual manner, gently draping them down your partner’s back, buttocks, and thighs. The steel ball chain is usually cold to the touch, which can add a lot of excitement to the scene if you’re into temperature play. To intensify these sensations, the folks at Kink or Toys recommend putting the Axovus ball chain flogger in your freezer for a little while before using it for sensory play. You can then use the flogger to give your partner lots of chills, goosebumps, and pleasurable sensations that don’t require a high pain tolerance. 


The Axovus ball chain flogger is a great toy for folks who have experience with impact and want to branch out from traditional floggers to something a bit different. The steel ball chain tails give this flogger a completely different feel than a standard leather toy. Also, the fact that it’s metal opens the door to some really exciting sensory play ideas using temperature and texture to stimulate your partner. 

If you’re looking into toys specifically for pain play, the Axovus ball chain flogger is certainly a unique experience. It can be intensely stingy with a sharp bite but those who are into that kind of pain will love all this 6-tailed ball chain flogger has to offer.

The Axovus ball chain flogger was provided by Kink or Toys in exchange for my honest review.
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  1. This is a great thing, clearly not for beginners. But those who know a lot about floggers will be able to appreciate it for its excellent appearance and excellent workmanship. Such a flogger will decorate not only someone’s bottom, but also a wall of tools in any cave.
    Thanks to the author for an informative review and a high-quality snapshot.

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