Review: Bellesa Nirvana

I have a thing for wand vibrators. I already have quite the collection, but I’m always interested in trying new models of wand vibrators for comparison. The Bellesa Nirvana looked like a solid option at first glance, so I was very excited to give it a shot.


The Bellesa Nirvana is a compact wand with multiple vibration patterns and intensities. It’s fully rechargeable and gets two hours of run time on a two-hour charge. It’s also completely submersible, making it the perfect toy to bring into a bath, shower, or pool.  


The Nirvana wand has seven vibration modes and five intensity settings. It turns on by pressing the middle button on the wand, which can then be used to cycle through the patterns. Each pattern has a corresponding color that lights up the small plate on the handle of the wand, which also lights up when it’s charging. 

I appreciate the separate controls for patterns and intensities, as I am someone who enjoys the highest intensity stable mode and often struggles with cycling too far with multi-pattern toys. However, the up and down buttons for intensity are above and below the pattern button, so as long as you’re careful which one you’re hitting, it’s easy to cycle through the settings to get what you want. 

I’m someone who requires a lot of power to get off, so while the Nirvana wand isn’t on the same standard as a full-size or corded wand, it does have a pretty good motor. The vibrations feel rumbly and are pretty quiet for being as strong as they are. This toy is a great option for someone who may have to keep their noise level down for privacy reasons.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Since the Bellesa Nirvana is made of silicone, it’s super easy to clean. For solo use, handwashing with soap and warm water will do the trick, but if you’re sharing this toy among partners, you can do a deep clean by soaking it in a 10% bleach solution. 

Keep in mind that because it’s fully silicone, you’re going to want to avoid silicone-based lubricants and stick to water-based lubes only. You can check out my lube guide for more information on which lubes to use with your toys.


Nirvana is a delightful toy that has a luxurious satin finish and a powerful motor for a rechargeable wand. It’s easy to control, easy to clean, and whisper quiet. The Nirvana wand is definitely a worthy investment for anyone who doesn’t need the extreme intensity of a full-sized corded wand. It has everything I look for in a rechargeable model, with the added bonus of being completely waterproof. I’m very happy with my Nirvana wand and recommend it for those looking for a solid compact wand vibrator. 

This review was sponsored but as always, all writing and opinions are my own.

xx SF

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  1. This is an amazing toy and my wife uses it almost every time before we are intimate. Multiple orgasms in a very short amount of time and beeing waterproof is a big plus.

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