Review: Pleasure Forge Gnoll

Pleasure Forge is a small sex toy business specializing in fantasy dildos. I came across them while searching for a unique toy that would stand out in my collection from all the others–something non-human. Pleasure Forge has an array of fantasy creatures you can choose from. With mythical dildos depicting half-horse, half-human Centaurs to Myconids (a humanoid fungi race), you can really let your imagination run wild. For my first fantasy dildo, I decided to do a custom color combination of the humanoid hyena, Gnoll.

The Ordering Process

I had never ordered a custom dildo before, but the folks at Pleasure Forge made it really simple. I contacted them through their Tumblr to ask how to go about ordering customs and they instructed me to order one on their Etsy shop using a custom listing, and then describe my desired colors.

Note: Custom options open and close at the will of the shop, so not all models are always available for custom colors. To find out if you can do a custom in a specific model, check out their shop notes or contact Pleasure Forge directly.

I placed my order in the large size (the only size option at the time), the 10-A medium density,  and requested a combination of “black, purple, and blue” to make a galaxy type design. They wrote back saying they could absolutely fill that request, asked for a reference photo, and even told me they could add glitter for stars. I was beyond excited for my custom piece!

Once poured, the shop contacted me with photos of my new toys for approval before sending it out. Their policy allows for a re-pour if you’re unsatisfied with the first, which is comforting when you’re not exactly sure how it’s going to look. Mine, however, was perfect! I sent them my approval and they shipped it straight away.

For a custom toy, it came surprisingly fast. Some of the custom toy makers I researched had waiting periods of over a month or two but with Pleasure Forge, it took less than two weeks from my original order date to the date of delivery. It was shipped discreetly and arrived in perfect condition, along with a tiny dick (called Forgelings), care instructions, and a little sample of their silicone.


Pleasure Forge uses only silicone in their toys, making them body-safe and easy to clean. My toy arrived with no tears, bubbles, or defects. The medium density silicone is a bit firm, in my opinion, but still has a little squish when you squeeze it. I think it’s ideal for a toy like this, though, because it can stand up on its own and is easier to insert because it’s on the firm side. Due to the size of the large Gnoll, I don’t think a softer silicone would be ideal.

Pleasure Forge snapped this photo of my Gnoll in its mold to show me the vivid colors in the base.

The custom color of this toy is absolutely incredible. You’d never find another toy exactly like this and it’s so much more special to me knowing I was able to choose the colors and give them my references photos to make sure it looked exactly how I envisioned it. I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the colors and the actual mix and pour itself because it’s gorgeous. Even the base is fantastic–it has a wonderful swirl of all the colors and the glitter.

The large Gnoll I received is a very high-quality toy and I’m genuinely happy with it. Even the base of the toy (which has to be manually trimmed like most silicone dildos) was neat and professional. I’ve bought dildos from other small businesses that did a sloppy job on the trimming of the base that made it look clumsy, but Pleasure Forge nailed it.

The Model: Gnoll

Due to the knot in this model, the Gnoll is currently the thickest sex toy in my collection.

  • 6.5″ Insertable length
  • 2″ Diameter
  • 5.5″ Circumference
  • 2.75″ Knot Diameter
  • 8.8″ Knot Circumference
  • 1.2 lbs

It is, to put it lightly, not the easiest of toys for me to use. At the time of purchase, the Gnoll was only available in one size, which is now the “large” size. I am very tempted to purchase another in the new small size to work up to the large a bit more, but I enjoy it all the same.

Because of its size, the large Gnoll is something of  a “special occasion toy.” I have to be extremely aroused to get it to work properly, and even then I have to use a massive amount of lubricant. Since silicone lubes can make silicone toys swell, I suggest using only water-based lubes with the Gnoll. Despite the added work to get my body to accommodate its size, it’s a wonderful feeling once it’s done. The density is absolutely perfect for this type of toy, in my opinion, and the shape is very filling.

If you’re into large toys, this may not be as challenging for you. My comfort level is typically 1.5”-2” diameter toys, so the 2.75” diameter knot is a doozy for me. This is also my first knotted toy at all, so it’s a fun little challenge for me at times. Of course, the added factor of humiliation or pet-play is also an exciting kinky bonus to my Gnoll.


Pleasure Forge is an amazing small business that delivers high-quality custom fantasy dildos faster than big-name competitors and at more affordable prices. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for a fun fantasy toy for their collection. Not sure what density is right for you? Try a sample pack. Don’t know if they can cater to your exact color requests? Shoot them a message and find out. Mostly anything you can think up for their specific model options is possible so I highly recommend reaching out with questions if you have them. As the company grows, more and more options are also being added. Toys are now available with removable cum tubes and they even do sets with matching polyhedral dice for all you Dungeons & Dragons fans. Also check out what they have available now to fulfill your wildest fantasies without the wait of a custom order!

The Gnoll was provided to me by Pleasure Forge in exchange for my honest review.

xx SF

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