Review: Agreeable Agony Mini Teacup Candles

I recently became acquainted with a popular kink toy company in my area known as Agreeable Agony. Last month, I reviewed my first impact toy from them, my Petal Slapper. However, in addition to impact toys, Agreeable Agony also sells a lot of bondage rope and candles for wax play. I was given two of their mini teacup candles to try out in exchange for an honest review.

As I state in my wax play guide, it’s important to play with specific kinds of candles that won’t cause unwanted burns or allergic reactions. Many household candles contain soy (a potential allergen) and dyes or fragrances that cause the candles to burn at high temperatures. Special low-temperature candles can be safely used during wax play for all the excitement of wax without the lasting burns.

Choosing the Right Candles

I’ve played around with a handful of types of candles. Scent-free and dye-free household candles were my go-to for a bit but always found that they were a little too high in temperature for my comfort. I have also tried candles specific for wax play, but they are often costly and usually only include two or three small sticks. My Agreeable Agony candles have been another story entirely.

All teacup candles are $8 and while their website says they’re perfect for a single session (or a few if you’re using multiple colors), I’ve found they last a lot longer. I’ve used two colors for four light sessions so far and they’re still about half-full. Maybe I’m just using them a lot more lightly than an average wax-play session but it works for me! Each cup contains 2.75oz of wax.

All of Agreeable Agony‘s candles are made of 100% pure paraffin. This means that people with soy allergies are able to use these safely. It also means these candles can serve as a vegan alternative to beeswax candles.

The teacup candles burn at 124°F, which is definitely safer than most household candles. Of course, the height at which you hold the teacup plays a part in its temperature. If your bottom is having a difficult time with the heat tolerance, try holding the candles a bit higher above them. If they aren’t reacting as much as you’d hope, try a little lower.

Quality Design, Satisfying Results

As far as intensity, these candles work perfectly for me. While I tend to get overstimulated and frustrated with higher-temperature candles, these provided a great middle-ground. While I never found them unbearable or uncomfortable, I was still squirming and screaming with every last drop. My partner loved what this wax did to me!

The teacup itself is a genius idea. While candlesticks can be fun, safely putting them down in a rush to tend to your partner can be tricky. Also, when you get to the end of the stick, you risk burning your fingers in the process. Jar candles are easier to control but the glass can get really hot for the person pouring. They don’t usually come in low-burning temperatures, either. Agreeable Agony uses small glass teacups for these candles that are really simple and safe to use. By holding the handle of the teacup, there’s no burning of the fingers and they’re super easy to quickly put down for a moment.

The candles also come in a larger, glass pitcher version. I’d imagine these last a lot longer than the “mini” teacup versions, as they’re much bigger. If you’re looking for something a little more sexual, Agreeable Agony also sells “fiery cunts” and “flaming hot dicks”. Whether you use them during wax play or as a fun novelty decoration, they’re sure to make an impression.

Cleaning Up

Cleanup was a breeze, as well. My partner and I use a knife for cleaning up the bits of wax but even without using the blade, the wax on my body came up very easily. It didn’t split and get tiny bits of it everywhere. The first time we played with the teacup candles, we put down some plastic on the bed but found it really wasn’t necessary for future sessions. We basically scraped it all up with a knife and brushed it into a little container.

I found there was no oily or greasy residue after cleaning up, which I’ve found with other waxes. I didn’t feel the need to immediately shower because it came off easily enough. Wax play always made me fear a messy clean up but my partner and I were both really pleased with how easy it was!

A big thank you to Agreeable Agony for letting me try their wax for this review! If you have any questions about their products, check out their website here.

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