Review: Hitachi VS Doxy

The Hitachi Original Magic Wand is perhaps the most well-known external vibrator of the 21st century. However, the increasingly popular Doxy Wand is a worthy competitor to challenge the original Hitachi. Find out which vibrator gives you a run for your money!

Review: Tantus Steam Hunk

We humans have so little time on this Earth that I never would have guessed I’d be spending any of it Googling for robot eroticia–yet here I am. Introducing what is perhaps the most…peculiar sex toy in my collection as of yet: the Tantus Steam Hunk.

Review: Tantus O2 Cush

In 2012, I wrote a review for the Cush O2 for a site I no longer review for. Many of the toys I had reviewed with them have long-since been discontinued from my collection due to safety concerns or personal preferences. However, nearly in 2018, I still find myself reaching for this old friend. Being one of the few toys I’ve spent over five years with, I think the Cush O2 deserves a revamped review.

Review: Pleasure Works Captain

Introducing the Pleasure Works Captain, part of a wonderful line of simply-designed dildos named after military rankings. Captain is one of the larger models they have to offer, but it’s designed with a little more flair than some of its underlings.

Review: Vixen Mustang

If you’re looking for plushy comfort, VixSkin is the way to go! The Mustang is an average size that the majority of users will just adore. I can’t recommend this product enough–it instantly won me over with both appearance and texture.